Eva Margaretha von Buttlar

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Eva Margaretha von Buttlar aka Eva Margaretha von Buttlar aka Mother Eve aka the Sophia of Böhme

Germany 1670 – 1721

Comments: The Earthly Sophia, Christ’s Bride with whom sex brought salvation; Sex magick; Tantra; arrested for fornication, blasphemy, etc in 1704, escaped 1705 from Castle Wittgenstein; her only biological son died in April 1721, ending the hopes he was the Messiah; The Primal Adam is both Male and Female combined, separate we are incomplete and “fallen”;

Teachers: Jakob Bohme; Emanuel Swedenborg; William Blake; Count Nicholaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf and the Moravian Church; Jan Hus the "Bohemian Brethren” ; Philip Jacob Spener, the father of pietism; Caspar Schwenckfeld of The Heavenly Flesh doctrine; Johann Arndt ; Conrad Beissel and the Ephrata Cloisters; The Philadelphians, like Dr Francis Lee, Jane Lead & John Pordage; Johann Campanus; Baal Shem of London aka Dr. Falcon; Jan Baptist van Helmont; [May have known of Friedrich Christoph Oetinger, Johann Georg Gichtel (‘the spiritual husband of the Virgin Sophia’ 1669) , Guillaume Postel and Rabbi Philo’s Gnostic teachings on the Sophia, picked up by Valentinus, Basilides, Simon Magus and the early Gnostics;

Students: Justus Gottfried Winter, her "Jehovah" Husband; Dr. Johann Georg Appenfeller, Her “Christ” Son; Gottfried Arnold; P. B. Randolph ; Ida Craddock; Laurence Oliphant ; Thomas Lake Harris ; John Humphrey Noyes; Dr. Alice Bunker Stockham; J. William Lloyd ; Carl Kellner; Theodor Reuss; Aleister Crowley and all his Scarlet Women, Leah Hirsig AKA Soror Alostrael; Elaine Simpson AKA Soror Fidelis; Ada Leverson AKA The Sphinx, 1907; Mary d'Este Sturges nee Dempsey "Desti" AKA Soror Virakam', October 1911 - 1912; Helen Westley AKA Helen Hollis AKA the Snake' ; Vera "Lola" Stepp; Leila Waddell AKA Laylah ; Sr. Hilarion AKA Jeanne Foster AKA The Cat; Gerda Maria von Kothek AKA The Owl, Crowley's lover from April 12, 1916 through Sept 1916; Rose Edith Kelly, AKA Quarda or Ouarda, the Rose,1st wife; Hellen Hollis; Alice Richardson AKA Ratan Devi AKA 'The Monkey'; Susan Strong, 1899; Anna Katherine Miller AKA The Dog, Roddie Minor AKA Soror Ahitha 'the Camel',1917; Marie Rohling nee Lavroff, 'the Dragon' 'Soror Olun'; Bertha Almira Prykryl nee Bruce; Fernando Pesso; Deirdre Patricia MacAlpine nee Doherty, mother of son Aleister Ataturk; Ninette F. Shumway aka Isabella Fraux aka Sister Cypris ; Dorothy Olsen aka Sister Astrid; Kassimira Bass; Maria Teresa de Miramar aka Maria Theresa Ferrari de Miramar AKA "The High Priestess of Voodoo.", Crowley’s 2ND WIFE ; Chuck Furnace; X; LaForza; Rainbow Darkly; Peregrine ; Elaine Pagels; Camille Paglia; BoneBlossom;

Friends: Jean de Vèsias, 1st husband;

Organizations: the Buttlarsche Rotte aka the Buttlarian gang ; "Christliche und Philadelpische Sozietät aka Christian and Philadelphical Society; part of the Philadelphians movement, in a way;

Resources: http://www.notbored.org/resistance-47.html ; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eva_von_Buttlar ; http://home.online.nl/piet.fontaine/volumes/vol26/index1.htm?vol26_ch1_part3.htm

if you can read them, perhaps Krise der Leiblichkeit : die Sozietät der Mutter Eva (Buttlarsche Rotte) und der radikale Pietismus um 1700 by Willi Temme or  Eva von Buttler, die Messaline und Muckerin, als Prototype der "Seelenbräute" ein Beitrag zur Kenntniss der Mysterien des Pietismus by Ludwig Christiany