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Father Yod AKA YaHoWha AKA Jim Baker AKA James Edward Baker

America 1922 - 1975

Comments: 60's Sex magick and Kundalini yoga commune, cult and rock band ; Natural foods; Vegetarians, but not Vegans, if I remember; "Aquarian Path"; very hierarchical and patriarchal; Women choose their intimate partners, but had to pick a partner inside the family, often serial relationships;

Teachers: Manly P. Hall; Yogi Bhajan AKA Siri Singh Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji; Khalil Gibran; Sufi mystic Rumi; Omar Khayyam; Laurence Oliphant; Thomas Lake Harris; Aleister Crowley; Allen Ginsberg; William S. Burroughs; Spirit Guide Kohoutek; Sun Ra , musician; John Coltrane, jazz musician; Arthur Bell of Mankind United aka 'The Church of the Golden Rule' for tax purposes; L. Ron Hubbard of Scientology;

Students: Kirsten Anderberg; Jodi Wille ; Maria Demopoulos; Arlick AKA Sky “Sunlight” Saxon of The Seeds band, bass; Djin, guitarist; Pythias, bass ; Octavius, drummer ; Aquariana; Cinderella; Isis; Rhythm; Zoraster; Electric; Omega; Electron; Mercury; Jupiter; Rebecca; Ahom, his 1st wife; Robin, his 4th official wife; Makushla, unofficial wife # 5 ; he had 12 unofficial wives and one "Mother Angel" wife at a time; Damian , restaurant manager; Jodi Wille ; Adam Parfrey ; Gary Bearman; Vernon Joynson; Sol Amon; "Libra"; David Powell ;

Friends: Earth, Wind & Fire;


Similar : Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh; , was compared to Charles Manson, but that was unfair; Dr. Andrew Weil; Ken Kesey; David Berg ,aka "Moses David" of The Children of God aka The Family of Love aka Family International; David Koresh aka Vernon Wayne Howel of the Branch Davidians;

Organizations: The Source Family; The Source Natural Foods restaurant; YaHoWha 13 Rock Band; Father Yod and the Spirit of ’76 Band; inspired the Love Israel family;

Author: Liberation and Other Source Family Teachings like Yahowha's Daily Menu, the Center Exercise, the Star Exercise, the Ring of Fire Protection Ritual, Instructions for use of the Sacred Herb, The Pledge of the Disciple, Morning and Evening Prayers, Communions with Elementals, The I AM Prayer, Source Restaurant/Family & Raw Foods Recipes, the 7 Planes, the 20 Cosmic Laws, the Condensed Book of Thoth, the 6 Rules of the Road White Magicians Must Follow, the 7 Hermetic Principles, the 10 Commandments of Buddha, Source Family Member Names; 9 original albums of unusual psychedelic rock music - Kohoutek, Contraction, Expansion and All or Nothing at All (as '76) and Yahowa 13, Savage Sons of Yahowa, Penetration: An Aquarian Symphony, Im Gonna Take You Home and To the Principles for the Children as YHW13; after his death, the Family reunited for an album as Fire, Water, Air named Golden Sunrise. and put out a compilation called Yodship, Related Singles, and Unreleased Material

Quotes: “I can be you and you can be me — ultimate orgasm we will see!”; The Commune Rules: 1. Obey and live by the teachings of your earthly spiritual father.

2. Love your earthly spiritual father more than yourself.

3. Harm not one of your body parts either by neglect, food, drink or knife.

4. Allow each vibration to complete its own cycle without interference.

5. Possess nothing you do not need and share all that you have.

6. The man and his woman are one - let nothing separate them.

7. Squander not your creative force in lust, but come together only when the three vibrations of the physical, emotional and mental are in harmony with spiritual love.

8. Each morning join your vibrations with the ascending currents of universal life energy using the method your earthly spiritual father has taught you.

9. Do every act energetically, intelligently, truthfully and lovingly.

10. When these commandments have been mastered, leave the house of your earthly spiritual father and do the work of your heavenly father.

Resources: http://www.laweekly.com/2007-08-30/news/father-yod-knew-best/; http://www.pooterland.com/index2/looking_glass/yahowa/yahowa.html; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Father_Yod; The Source: The Untold Story of Father Yod, Ya Ho Wa 13 and the Source Family;