Francis King

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Francis King AKA Francis X. King

England 1934 –1994

Comments: Occult Historian ; one of several authors of the 70s whose scholarship and books brought the Occult Renaissance of the 70s to the people.; More a scholar than a Practitioner, from the little publicly known ; Korea War POW;

Teachers: Rudolf Steiner; Aleister Crowley; Gerald Yorke;

Students: Jerry Cornelius; Chuck Furnace;

Friends: Nevill Drury; Stephen Skinner; Ellic Howe; R.A. Gilbert



Author: "Techniques of High Magic" with Stephen Skinner, 1976; Tantra: A Practical Guide to its Teachings and Techniques; The Magical World of Aleister Crowley,1977; Ritual Magic in England: 1887 to the Present Day (1970); Sexuality, Magic and Perversion (1971); The Secret Rituals of the OTO ,(1973); Satan and Swastika (1976); The Rebirth of Magic: the rise of Western Occultism (1982); Tantra For Westerners: A Practical Guide to the Way of Action (1986); Rudolf Steiner and Holistic Medicine (1987); Witchcraft and Demonology (1991); Nostradamus: Prophecies Fulfilled and Predictions for the Millennium and Beyond; Astral Projection, Magic, and Alchemy aka Astral Projection, Ritual Magic and Alchemy, being Hiterto Unpublished Golden Dawn Material reprinted as Ritual Magic of the Golden Dawn, 1997;

Resources:;; ;