Franz Bardon

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Franz Bardon

Czech 1909 – 1958

Comments: Ceremonial Magick ; Rosicrucian; Qabalist ; concentration camp for refusing to participate in Nazi Mysticism; after some years of freedom, was arrested by Communist Czechoslovakia police and died in their "care" ; psychometry; graphologist (handwriting analyst); naturopath doctor; Freemason; Black & White(silver) mirror ritual;

Taught 1. Self-Analysis & Basic Exercises, 2. Intermediate Concentration & Breathing, 3. Advanced Visualization Exercises & Element Manipulation, 4. Accumulation of Elements & Rituals, 5. Transplanting Consciousness & Levitation, 6. Introduction to Astral Beings & Astral Travel, 7. Development of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience & Other Abilities:,8. Magnetic or Energy "Fluid Condensers", 9. Magick Mirrors for Astral Travel & Healing, 10. Elevation of the Spirit to Higher Levels.

Teachers: Hermes Trismegistus; Alexandra David-Neel; Eliphas Levi; Baron Karl von Reichenbach; his father Viktor Bardon, Christian mystic; perhaps Friedrich Wilhelm Quintscher aka Rah Omir Quintscher of the ,Orden Mentalistischer Bauherren aka Order of the Mental Architects of 1922 & Adonistic Society & Atescha-Taganosyn, 1883 – 1945 ; Karl Weinfurter, mystic;

Students:Otti Votavova, secretary; Dr. Lumir Bardon, son; Rueggeberg Verlag; Wilhelm Quintscher (AKA Rah Omir Quintscher); Rawn Clark; Deiter Ruggerberg; G. Hanswille; "Jim Bardon"; Rudolph Pravica; Gerhard Hanswille; Franca Gallo; Ken Johnson; A. Radspiele; Caroll Poke Runyon; Cat yronwode; Oti Votavova; Dietter Ruggeberg; Wilhelm Quintscher Jr., son of Rah Omir Quintscher; his son Lumir Bardon ; Daniel Murphy; Brother Silias aka Josef Anton Schuster, 1896–1968; Guido Wolther; Adolf Hemberger, 1929-1991; Johannes Maikowski;

Friends: Marie Bardon, wife;

Enemies: Adolf Hitler;

Organizations: Freemasonry; perhaps the Fraternity of Saturn; inspired "Franz Bardon Foundation" in Denver, Colorado; FOGC aka "Freimaurer Orden des Goldenen Centuriums";

Author: Initiation Into Hermetics - A Course of Instruction of Magic Theory and Practice aka in German 'Der Weg zum wahren Adepten' , 1956; The Practice of Magical Evocation Instructions for Invoking Spirit Beings from the Spheres Surrounding Us, ; The Key to the True Kabbalah aka The Key to the True Quabbalah, 1971; The Kabbalist as a Sovereign in the Micro- and the Macrocosm,; Frabato the Magician ; The Golden Book Of Wisdom (fragments); Questions & Answers, booklet; about him by son - Memories of Franz Bardon by Dr. Lumir Bardon & Dr. M.K.;

Quote: "A true initiate will never force anyone who has not reached a certain level of maturity to accept his truth. " Initiation Into Hermetics (1956) pg. 55 : "Love is the law, but love under a strong will." ;

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