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Sigmund Freud AKA Sigismund Schlomo Freud

Austria 1856 – 1939

Comments: unconscious mind ; repression; verbal psychotherapy; "talking cure"; psychoanalysis; use of free association; transference; dreams; libido; Jew who fled Germany at Hitler's rise; hysteria ; Oedipus complex; Broke with Jung over Occultism, which he saw as unscientific; castration complex; assisted medical suicide when oral cancer got bad; Cocaine; his preferred "talking therapy" has lost prominence in therapeutic techniques over the years; his ashes rest with those of Bram Stoker, Peter Sellers (comedian) and Amy Winehouse (RIP Amy), singer in England; fond of Cocaine;

Teachers: Franz Brentano; Ernst Brücke ; Professor Karl Claus, Darwinist ; Charles Darwin; Jean-Martin Charcot; Josef Breuer; Richard von Krafft-Ebing; Moses, who he identified as the Pharaoh Akhenaten or a follower of that brief monastic Egyptian period

Students: Carl Jung; Alfred Adler; Max Kahane; Rudolf Reitler ; Anna O"; Otto Rank; Tatiana Rosenthal; Sabina Spielrein ; Ernest Jones; Abraham Brill; George Beard; Lucian Freud, artist, grandson; Martin S. Bergmann aka Martin Shlomo Bergmann; Woody Allen;

Friends: W.H. Auden; Martha Bernays, wife; Minna Bernays, sister-in-law, possible mistress; Wilhelm Fliess; Wilhelm Stekel; Sir Samuel Hoare; Sir William Bragg; Foreign Secretary Lord Halifax aka Charles Lindley Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax, author of Further Stories from Lord Halifax's Ghost Book, 1839 - 1934; Princess Marie Bonaparte; Salvador Dalí; Stefan Zweig; Leonard and Virginia Woolf; H. G. Wells;

Enemies: Frederick Crews; Mikkel Borch-Jacobsen;

Organizations: Wednesday Psychological Society (Psychologischen Mittwoch-Gesellschaft) later became Vienna Psychoanalytic Society;

Author: The Interpretation of Dreams, 1899; The Ego and the Id; Der Mann Moses und die monotheistische Religion aka Moses and Monotheism; many more, see Amazon link below

Resources:;; read his work free here:; ; ; ; you can listen here -, but it is not easy listening; ; ; ;