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G. M. Kelly AKA Gary Martin AKA Frater Keallach 93/676

America 1951 - present

Comments: Thelemite ; very outspoken against any other lineages of the AA;

Teachers:Aleister Crowley; George Cecil Jones



Enemies: Marcelo Ramos Motta; Grady McMurtry AKA Hymenaeus Aplpha; T. Casy Brennan; Charles Stansfeld Jones; Francis King; Cecil Frederick Russell; Kenneth Grant; William Breeze AKA Caliph Hymenaeus Beta; David Bersson AKA Frater Sphinx, "Frater Superior of the Entire World"; Chris Feldman AKA Christeos Pir AKA Frater Vitriol;

Organizations: A∴A∴ or Argenteum Astrum (the Silver Star);

Author: Newaeon Newsletter  ;

Resources: http://www.astronargon.us/reclin.html; http://www.gmkelly.com/; http://www.gmkelly.com/aboutgmk.html;