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GRS Mead AKA George Robert Stowe Mead AKA G. R. S. Mead

England 1863–28 - 1933

Comments: Theosophy; Gnostic: Neoplatonism; Gnostic scholar , translator; (This is quoted: "Pistis Sophia aka Wisdom in Faith (Karl Gottfried Woide 1st) (owned by 1795 from Anthony Askew) “Until the discovery of the Nag Hammadi library in 1945, the Askew Codex was one of three codices that contained almost all of the Gnostic writings that had survived the suppression of such literature both in East and West, the other two codices being the Bruce Codex and the Berlin Codex. Aside from these primary sources, everything written about Gnosticism before the Nag Hammadi library became available is based on quotes, characterizations, and caricatures in the writings of the enemies of Gnosticism.” * and the The Book of Wisdom or Wisdom of Solomon, Ramban aka Naḥmanides discusses it; Influenced by Platonism, Stoicism, Alexandrian Jew, Philo;

Teachers: King Solomon; Simon Magus; Basilides; Valentinus; Helena Petrovna Blavatsky; Bertam Keightly; Mohini Chatterji; Alfred Percy Sinnett AKA A.P. Sinnett; Apollonius of Tyana; Plato; Socrates; Pythagoras; F. C. Burkitt discovered an older manuscript of the Odes of Solomon, 1912; James Rendel Harris, 1909; Edward Maitland; Dr. Anna Kingsford; Hermes Trismegistus; Aesculapius; Plotinus;

Students; Ezra Pound, W.B. Yeats; Hermann Hesse; Kenneth Rexroth; Robert Duncan; Carl Gustav Jung; Thomas Taylor; Manly P. Hall; J. Abelson aka Joshua Abelson , 1873-1940;

Friends/ Enemies/ Partners: Laura Cooper, wife; Isabel Cooper-Oakley, Sister-in-Law; Charles Leadbeater; Charles William King, author of The Gnostics and Their Remains, 1887; E. R. Dodd;

Organizations: Theosophical Society, Esoteric Section ; founded Quest Society;

Author: translated Pista Sophia aka Pistis Sophia, 1880s, 1st Gnostic texts; editor and contributor to LUCIFER, then The Theosophical Review; editor The Quest: A Quarterly Review; Thrice Greatest Hermes, vol. 3; The Hymns of Hermes; The Gnosis of the Mind; Commentary on the Pymander ( see, 1906; The Corpus Hermeticum; Apollonius Of Tyana; Echoes From The Gnosis Vol I The Gnosis Of The Mind; Echoes From The Gnosis Vol Vii The Gnostic Crucifixion; Echoes From The Gnosis Vol Ii The Hymns Of Hermes; Echoes From The Gnosis Vol Vii The Gnostic Crucifixion; Echoes From The Gnosis Vol Iv The Hymn Of Jesus; Echoes From The Gnosis Vol Vi A Mithriac Ritual AKA A Mithraic Ritual; Echoes From The Gnosis Vol X The Hymn Of The Robe Of Glory; Fragments of a Faith Forgotten , 1900; Gnostic John the Baptizer- Selections from the Mandæan John-Book; The Hymns of Hermes; Echoes from the Gnosis; Pistis Sophia includes quotes from five of the Odes of Solomon, found in chapters between 58 and 71; Odes is much less clearly Jewish, and much more Christian than Psalms; The Spirit Body - an excursion into Alexandrian Psycho-Physiology, 1910; Plotinus -The Theosophy of the Greeks, 1895; Quests Old and New, 1913; Pistis Sophia: A Gnostic Gospel (Extracts from the Books of the Saviour appended); Originally translated from Greek into Coptic and now for the First Time Englished from Schwartze's Latin version of the only known Coptic Ms. and checked by Amelineau's French version with an introduction, 1921;

Resources:; ; read more at ; ; ; See his Simon Magus ; ; ;;;; author credited. see also -; the Psalms of Solomon, eighteen psalms; See;