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Galen AKA Aelius Galenus AKA Claudius Galenus AKA Galen of Pergamon

Roman Citizen in Greece 129 –  200 CE

Comments: one of the Ancients; physician; the Four Humours and Four Biles based on Aristotle; (blood-sanguine, black bile-melancholic, yellow bile-choleric, and phlegm-phlegmatic); disagreed with Aristotle on the brain, which Galen felt was important and Aristotle thought just radiated heat away from the Heart; physician to Commodus; physician to Septimius Severus; His writings were preserved in Arabic texts until translation in the Later Middle Ages;

Teachers: Aristotle; Aelius Nicon, father; Hippocrates; Epicurus; Aeschrion of Pergamon; Stratonicus ; Satyrus ; Eudemus;

Students; William Harvey; St. Augustine of Hippo; Hunayn ibn Ishaq; Muhammad ibn Zakarīya Rāzi; Ibn Zuhr aka Avenzoar; Ibn al-Nafis; Ali ibn Abbas al-Majusi aka Haly Abbas; Abu al-Qasim al-Zahrawi ; Abulasis; Ibn Sina aka Avicenna; Ibn Zuhr; P.M. Rattansi, author of "The Helmontian-Galenist Controversy in Restoration England"; Mondino de' Luzzi, early vivisectionist;


Author: That the Best Physician is also a Philosopher; "On Theriac to Piso"; De motu musculorum; 1. De sectis. 2. Ars medica. 3. De pulsibus ad tirones. 4. Ad Glauconem de medendi methodo. 5. De ossibus ad tirones. 6. De musculorum dissections. 7. De nervorum dissections. 8. De venarum arteriumque dissections. 9. De elementis secundum Hippocratem. 10. De temperamentis. 11. De facultatibus naturalibus. 12. De causis et symptomatibus. 13. De locis affectis. 14. De pulsibus (four treatises). 15. De typis (febrium). 1 6. De crisibus. 17. De diebus decretoriis. 18. Methodus medendi.; Commentaries on the Aphorisms of Hippocrates; perhaps of The Book of Causes and Effects; Ad Glauconem de medendi methodo; De methodo medendi libri xiv; De usu partium; , Περὶ κρίσεων; Περὶ κρισίμων ἡμερῶν;

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