Gemistus Pletho

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Gemistus Pletho AKA George Gemistos Plethon AKA Pletho AKA Georgius Gemistus see also

Greek 1355 – 1452/1454

Comment: Neoplatonist, advocated he advocated a return to the Olympian gods of the ancient world in 1400; Neoplatonism ; revival of Greek philosophy in Western Europe, brought from the Byzantine Empire; Orphic Hymns not to God or to demons, but to change the singer and listener into more holy creatures, closer to God;

Teachers: Plotinus; Plato; Aristotle; Zoroaster; Proclus, especially his Hymns to the Sun;

Students:Marsilio Ficino; Basilios Bessarion ; George Scholarius (later to become Patriarch of Constantinople); Mark Eugenikos ; Scholario ; Cardinal Bessarion ; Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta; Jacques Paul Migne; Johann Albert Fabricius; Chuck Furnace; Elijah Hayyim ben Benjamin of Genazzano;

Friends: Cosimo de' Medici, patron; Johannes Trithemius aka Abbot Trithemius of Sponheim, friend and mentor;

Enemies: : George of Trebizond, 1523;

Author: translate into Latin all Plato's works, the Enneads of Plotinus, and various other Neoplatonist works ; Summary of the Doctrines of Zoroaster and Plato ; De Differentiis (between Plato and Aristotle) ; Nómon singrafí aka The Book of Laws; Summary of the Doctrines of Zoroaster and Plato; Loix


Quotes: "May we carry out these rites in your honor (Oh Greek Gods) in the most fitting manner, KNOWING THAT YOU HAVE NO NEED OF ANYTHING WHATEVER FROM US. BUT WE ARE MOLDING AND STAMPING OUR OWN IMAGINATION AND THAT PART OF US WHICH IS MOST AKIN TO THE DIVINE, allowing it both to enjoy the godly and the beautiful, and making our own imagination tractable and obedient to THAT WHICH IS DIVINE WITHIN US. "

Resources:; Daniel Pickering Walker aka D. P. Walker, Spiritual & Demonic Magic – from Ficio to Campanella, 1958;