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Geoffrey Ashe aka Geoffrey Thomas Leslie Ashe

England / Canada 1923 - present

Comments; Archaeology and literary research; King Arthur historian; Cadbury Castle in Somerset was Camelot; the original Arthur known as Riothamus and the "Artoriani" aka "Arthur's men" may have been later;

Teachers: Geoffrey of Monmouth; John Leland; G. K. Chesterton; Dr. Ralegh Radford; Leslie Alcock; Joséphin Péladan; Saint Bertold ; Gandhi; George Watson MacGregor Reid; Thomas Wright ; Thomas Malory, compiler of History of King Arthur (1858); William Caxton . translator / publisher of The hoole booke of kyng Arthur & of his noble knyghtes of the rounde table aka Tales of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, 1485; Ross Nichols of The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids; Godfrey Higgins; Hargrave Jennings; Richard Payne Knight; William Stukeley; Oliver Joseph Lodge; Inigo Jones;

Students: Aleister Crowley; R.J.Stewart; Norris Lacy; Gareth Knight; Olivia Robertson; Isaac Bonewits; John Michael Greer aka Creyr Glas Cynwyddon ("Blue Heron Loremaster"); ; Ronald Heaver; Robert Cochrane ; E. Raymond Capt; James Manchester, M.D, Druid; Grand Archdruid Rhodonn Starrus AKA Aerach Crann Crithaec ("Great Quaking Aspen"); Robert Hayes; Mrs. Hayes, 1st female initiate ; Dr. Juliet Ashley, Archdruid; Robert Johnson aka Aerach Crann Crithaec II; Dr. Betty Jean McCloud Reeves ; Robert Lomas ; Christopher Knight; Geoffrey Russell; Kathy Sp**** Ba***;

Organizations: the Camelot Research Committee;

Author: article in Speculum, April 1981; The Discovery of King Arthur, 1985); The Landscape of King Arthur, 1987; The Tale of the Tub: A Survey of the Art of Bathing Through the Ages, 1950; King Arthur's Avalon - The Story of Glastonbury, 1957; From Caesar to Arthur, 1960; Land to the West: St. Brendan's Voyage to America, 1962; The Land and the Book, 1965; The Carmelite Order, 1965 ; Gandhi- A Study in Revolution, 1968; editor, The Quest for Arthur's Britain, 1968; King Arthur in Fact and Legend, 1971; Camelot and the Vision of Albion, 1971; essay in The Quest for America, 1971; The Art of Writing Made Simple, 1972;novel The Finger and the Moon, 1973; Do What You Will- A History of Anti-morality, 1974; The Virgin, 1976; The Ancient Wisdom, 1977; Miracles, 1978 ; A Guidebook to Arthurian Britain, 1980; Kings and Queens of Early Britain, 1982; Avalonian Quest, 1982; The Arthurian Handbook, with Norris Lacy, 1988; Mythology of the British Isles, 1990; King Arthur: The Dream of a Golden Age, 1990; Dawn Behind The Dawn, 1992; Atlantis, 1992; The Glastonbury Tor Maze;

Resources: ;;