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Georg von Welling AKA Gregorius Anglus Sallwigt

Bavaria 1652 – 1727

Comments: Alchemist ; Alchemy; Rosicrucian; Qabalist; Freemason quoted by Manly P. Hall in Secret Teachings of All Ages, attributed to Georg von Welling - "The original word חירם, CHiram, is a radical word consisting of three consonants ח ר and ם i. e. Cheth, Resh and Mem. (1) ח, Cheth, signifies Chamah, the Sun's light, i. e. the Universal, invisible, cold fire of Nature attracted by the Sun, manifested into light and sent down to us and to every planetary body belonging to the solar system. (2) ר, Resh, signifies ריח Ruach, i. e. Spirit, air, wind, as being the Vehicle which conveys and collects the light into numberless Foci, wherein the solar rays of light are agitated by a circular motion and manifested in Heat and burning Fire. (3) ם, or מ Mem, signifies majim, water, humidity, but rather the mother of water, i. e. Radical Humidity or a particular kind of condensed air. These three constitute the Universal Agent or fire of Nature in one word, חירם, CHiram, not Hiram." which is a great use of a Qabalist using the symbolism of Alchemy to explain the essential inner secrets of Freemason;

Teachers: Hermann Fictuld; Cornelius Agrippa; Jakob Bohme; Christan Knorr von Rosenroth; Heinrich Khunrath aka Henry Khunrath; Franciscus Mercurius van Helmont; Paracelsus; Abbe N. de Montfaucon De Villars' description of the Antoine Count de Gébelin; Raymond Lull; Arnoldus de Villa Nova; Richardus Anglus; Basil Valentine; John Bracecus; Frederick Holland; Sir George Ripley; Robert Fludd

Students: Sigmund Richter AKA Sincerus Renatus, edited the 1719 of his Opus; Dr Bernard Joseph Schleiss von Lowenfeld; Goethe; Sigismond Bacstrom; Manly P. Hall; Arthur Versluis; Thomas Achternkamp; George Rapp of the Christian Harmony Society, 1803; Christoph Schutz, editor of the 1784 edition of Opus; Dr. Johann Friedrich Metz ; Johann Wolfgang Goethe; Lon Milo DuQuette ; Joseph G. McVeigh, translator of 2013 edition; Patricia Baker; Dr. Hensing of Giessen Count Gustav Gabriel Bonde, author of Clavicula Hermeticae scientiae aka Clavicula hermeticae scientiae ab hyperboreo quodam horis subsecivis calamo consignata, anno MDCCXXXII aka The clavicle hermetic science written by a northerner, in his leisure hours, 1732 aka ” La Clavicule de la Science Hermétique Ecrite par un Habitant du Nord, dans ses Heures de Loisir” & Utkast til jemnförelse, immellan den Bibliska och Worldsliga Historien, 1760;

Organizations: director of the Baden-Durlacher Office of Building and Mines until 1723;

Author: Opus Mago-cabbalisticum Et Theosophicum: In Which The Origin, Nature, Characteristics, And Use Of Salt , Sulfur and Mercury are Described in Three Parts Together with much Wonderful Mathematics, book I first appeared 1719, the complete work 1735, second edition 1760 (whew, it's a tough slog of a read); studied in the Practici (3rd) degree of the Order of the Golden and Rosy Cross;

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