George Cecil Ives

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George Cecil Ives

Germany / England 1867 – 1950

Comments: "Uranian", or homosexual secret society; "That all real love shall be to you as sanctuary."; secret word "AMRRHAO"; "We believe in the glory of passion. We believe in the inspiration of emotion. We believe in the holiness of love."; gay rights;

Teachers: Oscar Wilde;

Students: Charles Kains Jackson; Samuel Elsworth Cottam; Montague Summers; John Gambril Nicholson; Edward Carpenter; Magnus Hirschfeld; Laurence Housman; Reginald Ashley Caton of Fortune Press (1897–1971);

Friends / Partners / Enemies: Lord Alfred Douglas; Havelock Ellis; Professor Cesare Lombroso; Adolf Brand; Oscar Browning; Norman Gale; Augustus Hare; Ernest Jones; C.M. North; Reggie Turner ; Edward Westermarck; William Hornung, who based his Gentleman Thief Raffles on Ives; Ralph Chubb;

Organizations: founded Order of Chaeronea, 1897; British Society for the Study of Sex Psychology;

Author: Eros' Throne (1900); A History of Penal Methods (1914); Obstacles to Human Progress (1939); Graeco-Roman View of Youth (1926)

Resources:; London and the Culture of Homosexuality, 1885–1914 by Matt Cook;