George Ripley

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Sir George Ripley

England 1415 – 1490

Comments: Alchemy; the Alchemist's alchemist ; the Magical Chalybs ; Magical Solution of Sol (aka the Sun); advice to the medical profession on chemical and herbal cures;

Teachers: Guido de Montanor; Pseudo-Ramon Lull aka the posthomous works written in the name of Raymond Lull;

Students: George Starkey AKA Eirenaeus Philalethes (the peaceful lover of truth); Robert Samber AKA Eugenius Philalethes Junior, author of Long Livers, 1722; Carl Jung; Reverend Ezra Stiles, President of Yale; Conrad Beissel of The Ephrata Commune; Julius Sachse; Gabriel Eckerling; Jakob Martin; Ezekiel Sangmeister; George de Benneville founder of Universalism; Georg von Welling ; Dr. John Dee; Robert Boyle; Isaac Newton; Pope Innocent VIII; Thomas Fuller ; Stephanie Millard; Robert Nelson; Justin von Bujdoss; Dr. Jennifer Rampling; David Beuthe, 1718; Giovanni Battista Birelli, author of Alchimia nova, das ist, Die güldene Kunst selbst, oder, Aller Künsten Mutter : sampt dero heimlichen Secreten, vnzehlichen verborgenen Kindern vnd Früchten, 1603, 1566 - 1635;


Author: The Compound of Alchymy; or, the Twelve Gates leading to the Discovery of the Philosopher's Stone (Liber Duodecim Portarum), read it here (, 1591;The Mistery of Alchymists; A Treatise of Mercury and the Philosophers Stone ; The Ripley Scroll of emblematic symbolism; Liber Secretisimus, The Whole Work of the Composition of the Philosophical Stone and grand Elixir, and of the First Solution of the Grosse Bodies; Five Preparations of the Philosopher’s Mercury The Compound of Alchymy; or, the Twelve Gates leading to the Discovery of the Philosopher's Stone (aka Liber Duodecim Portarum), 1471; The Cantilena Riplaei (poem on Alchemy); Omnia Opera Chemica (1649); there are 23 copies of the Ripley Scroll in existence, based on the 15th century scroll; Rosarium Philosophorum (aka ‘The Rose garden of the Philosophers); The Bosom Book of Sir George Ripley aka The Bosome-Book , His Philosophical Accurtations in the makeing the Philosophers Mercury and Elixirs, (SP in original Olde English); Epistle to King Edward; Epistle to King Edward Unforlded;

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