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George Washington AKA The American Cincinnatus AKA The Father of our Country

America 1731 or 1732 (disputed, Julian vs Georgian calendar) - 1799

Comments: 1st President of the United States ; Freemason, Master in the Virginia charter of Alexandria Lodge No. 22;inventor; experimental farmer and plant alchemy; while affiliated with Anglican and, later, Episcopal churches, he was a Deist; made great rye whiskey; grew cannabis; a great dancer and ladies' man;

Teachers:Ben Franklin; William Fairfax; Hans Sloane; George Mason of Georgia; General and Brother Friedrich von Steuben; MWGM Edmund Randolph; Cincinnatus; Noah Webster, tutor and compiler of the American Dictionary;

Students: Alexander Hamilton; Justus von Liebig; Manfred Julius; General Nathanael Greene; John Jay; WB Henry "Light-Horse Harry" Lee, father of Robert E. Lee; myth-maker and biographer Parson Weems; WB Henry Knox, Hero of MA; Br. Eldridge Gerry; WB Joseph Warren, hero of CT; Roger Sherman, who signed all 4 historic US founding documents, Articles of Association (1774), Declaration of Independence (1776), Articles of Confederation (1777) and the Constitution (1787); Timothy Bigelow; George Lippard, author of “Washington and His Generals, or Legends of the Revolution”, 1847; Manly P. Hall; Major Thomas Mifflin; Samuel Griffin, esq; WB David Wooster; WB Benedict Arnold; WB Silas Deane; Gov. Jonathan Trumbull; General Jonathan Hart; WB Israel Putnam; Gen. Rufus Putnam; General Richard Montgomery; WB Somuel Holden Parsons; General John Patterson, planner of the Society of the Cincinnatus ; Nathaniel Sackett, spymaster; Jack Balkin, Yale Law Professor ; R. Scott Stephenson of the Museum of the American Revolution aka Valley Forge Historical Society ; Jarvis Whelan; Susan Schoelwer, curator of Mount Vernon; Thomas Walter, 4th architect of Washington, DC; Constanntino Brumidi, sculptor; WM Benjamin B. French, set cornerstone in Capitol;

Friends: Red Jacket, Native American Mason; General and Brother Marquis de Lafayette; British General Edward Braddock; Martha Dandridge Custis, wife; Edmond-Charles Genet; Pierre L'Enfant, artists and designer; Robert McCrea; William Hunter Jr.; Joseph Allison; Mrs. Caty Greene, wife of Nathanael Greene; Peggy Shippen Arnold, wife of Benedict Arnold; Agent 355, female agent, identity unknown; Sybil Ludington; WB Paul Revere ; John Paul Jones, “the Father of the American Navy” of the USS Bonhomme Richard AKA Kontradmiral Pavel Ivanovich Jones in Russia; Betty Washington Lewis, sister; Comte Alexandre Auguste Grasse-Tilly aka Alexandre Francois Auguste de Grasse of France's Mother Council of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, (1765– 1845); Dr. Gustavus R. Brown;

Enemies: Franz Mesmer; Adam Weishaupt; rivals, really - Thomas Jefferson ; John Adams; Joseph Coulon de Jumonville; British General William Howe; King George III, who never-the-less commented when Washington retired back to his farm "He is the greatest man in the world" ; General Garth in New Haven, CT;

Organizations: The United States of America, 1st president (unanimous, 1788); Continental Army, General and commander-in-chief; Freemasonry; supported the Federalist Party; Colonel of the Virginia Regiment; The Society of Cincinnati, named for the Roman who left his farm to lead the nation, then returned to his farm rather than hoard power; Feb. 4, 1777, launched the nation's first spy network, precursor to the CIA;

Quotes: "There is nothing which can better deserve our patronage than the promotion of science and literature. Knowledge is in every country the surest basis of public happiness." ;

Resources: ; SOLOMON'S BUILDERS: Freemasons, Founding Fathers and the Secrets of Washington DC by Christopher Hodapp; or listen to his speeches at; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;; ;;