Georges Bataille

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Georges Bataille AKA Georges Albert Maurice Victor Bataille AKA Lord Auch (literally, Lord "to the shithouse" — "auch" being short for "aux chiottes,")

France 1897 – 1962

Comments: necrophilia; BDSM; Dark erotica; base materialism, 1920,

Teachers: Lev Shestov; Friedrich Nietzsche; Hegel; Sigmund Freud; Karl Marx; Marcel Mauss; the Marquis de Sade; Alexandre Kojève; Rene Descartes; Baruch Spinoza;

Students: Michel Foucault; Jean Baudrillard; Jacques Derrida; Philippe Sollers; Jean-Luc Nancy; Jacques Lacan ; Julia Kristeva; Michael Taussig ; Richard Gavin;

Friends: Mircea Eliade; André Masson; Pierre Klossowski; Roger Caillois; Jules Monnerot; Jean Rollin; Jean Wahl: Giorgio Agamben; Silvia Maklès, 1st wife; Colette Peignot, lover; Diane de Beauharnais, 2nd wife; Walter Benjamin, author of “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction”;

Enemies: Jean-Paul Sartre; André Breton, surrealism;

Organizations: Bibliothèque Nationale; Acéphale, secret society, the symbol of which was a decapitated man, based oh The Bornless aka Headless Invocation"I am the headless daimon with sight in my feet";

Author: collated 8 ancient manuscripts to complie the ancient poem L’Ordre de chevalerie; Story of the Eye (Histoire de l'oeil); My Mother; The Impossible ; Blue of Noon; Summa Atheologica ; La Part maudite, 1949. (The Accursed Share); founded Critique journal; Sur Nietzsche, 1945. (On Nietzsche); Histoire de rats, 1947. (A Story of Rats); Méthode de méditation, 1947. (Method of Meditation); L'Être indifférence n'est rien, 1954. (Undifferentiated Being is Nothing); La littérature et le Mal, 1957. (Literature and Evil); L'Erotisme, 1957 (Erotism); Le Coupable, 1961. (Guilty); Les larmes d'Éros, 1961, (The Tears of Eros); his anti-fascist magazine also called Acéphale aka Akephalos;

Resources:; read him here -, if you dare!