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Gerald Yorke AKA Major Gerald Joseph Yorke AKA Volo Intelligere (I wish to Understand) AKA Gerald York

England 1901 – 1983

Comments: Occult Book Collector; source of the Crowley Cross-Index;1st met The Beast in 1927 in France; although never a member of the OTO as he hated groups, Crowley gave him the secret of the Ixth degree in 1928; Zen, or Ch'an Buddhist;

Teachers: Rudolf Steiner; Aleister Crowley; Austin Osman Spare; Kenneth R. H. Mackenzie; Frederick Hockley; Major Francis George F.G. Irwin; L. C. R. Duncombe-Jewell; Frederick Leigh Gardner; Paul M. Christian, author of The History and Practice of Magic; The Buddha; Mahakasapa; Ananda; Matsuo Bashō; Baso aka Ala Tsu ; his student Hyakujo; Po Chang aka Hyakujo; Ramana Maharshi; Hsu Yun; Lu K'uan Yu; Bodhidharma; Hui K'o; the Ho Shang; Charles Luk; Fa Yen aka Hogen aka Hongren; Lin Chi aka Rinzai; San Feng; Lung Kuang; Yang Shan aka Gyozan; Yen T'ou aka Ganto; Ts'ao Shan aka Sozan; Tang Shan aka Tozan; Linji Yixuan of Rinzai Zen; Dongshan Liangjie of Soto Zen; Hakuun Yasutani; Philip Kapleau; Yamada Koun; Taizan Maezumi;

Students: Will Parfitt; Andrew Drylie, co-editor of Agape magazine; K. A. Meyers; Ellic Howe; Christopher McIntosh; Jerry Cornelius; Chuck Furnace; Sir Knight Will M*****, Commander of the York Rite, CT 2014-15; Timothy d’Arch Smith; Keith Richmond; Clive Harper; David Tibet;Gordon Bowker; Dr. Sydney Hamilton French aka Frater Maximus, 1884-1959, of the Order of the Lily and the Eagle & GBG ; Mr. Vilette aka Frater Volo Vincere; Frater Vi Voluntatis Vinco; Llee Heflin of Level Press; Kenneth Anger ;Grady McMurtry; Mick Jagger ; Vincent Price;

Friends : Thubten Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet, 1973; John Symonds; Mrs. Sarah Rummel, Theosophist; Gerard Aumont of Tunis; Abdul Aziz; Maria de Miramar, one of Crowley’s abandoned Scarlet Women; Sebastian Yorke; Matthew Yorke;  Israel Regardie;  Nina Hamnett;  P. R. Stephensen aka Inky Stephensen of Mandrake Press;  Major Thynne; Susan Platt; Angela Duncan, wife, 1937; Peter Fleming, Ian Fleming's older brother in British Intelligence, 1934; Tony Keswick; Norman Robb, @ 1895-1961;Edward Noel FitzGerald; Kenneth Grant; Austin Osman Spare; William Haydn C. Evans of Haydn Press; Ronald Powell aka Richard Duc de Palatine of the Pre-Nicene Gnosto-Catholic Church, 1916-1978; John Blofeld, translator of the I Ching; Arthur Osborne, biographer of both Ramana Maharishi & Sai Baba ; Chogyam Trungpa; Bellut Krishnamachar Sundararaja Iyengar, author of Light on Yoga; Irmgard Schloegl; Bhikshu Sangharakshita , of the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order; Michael Houghton, owner of Atlantis Bookshop, London ; Theos Casimir Bernard, author of Hatha Yoga, 1944, 1908-1947;

Enemies : George Orwell aka Eric Blair; Steven Runciman;  Carl de Vidal Hunt;Marcelo Ramos Motta

Organizations: A∴A∴ or Argenteum Astrum (the Silver Star);Trinity College at Cambridge Ghost Club;Buddhist Society of London;


Author; 666, Sex and the OTO; China Changes, 1935; Aleister Crowley , the Golden Dawn and Buddhism - reminiscences and writtings, collected 2011; Tantric Hedonism, 1949; Ritual Magic; The Meaning of Mantra; assisted in the preparation of The History and Practice of Magic by Paul Christian aka Jean Baptiste aka Christian Pitois, 1952 translation ; Ch'an Buddhism, parts I & II, 1960; A Shadow of Zen, 1963; The Development of Chan and Zen, 1964; Buddhist Meditation, 1968;

Resources: Essays, vol. One by Jerry Cornelius, 2015; OMG!!!! ; ;;;; Aleister Crowley, The Golden Dawn and Buddhism- Reminiscences and Writings of Gerald Yorke, ed. by Keith Richmond, 2011; ;