Godfrey Higgins

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Godfrey Higgins

England 1772 - 1833

Comments: Archeologist; Freemason; Druid; Pagan; “phallism" ; Druids were missionaries from India; Cadmean system of letters;

Teachers: John Toland; Richard Payne Knight; Virgil;

Students: Gerald Massey; James Frazer; E. A. Wallis Budge; Gerald Gardner; Robert Graves; Joseph Campbell; Margaret Murray; Margaret Mead, Hargrave Jennings; Charles Leland; Alvin Boyd Kuhn; Tom Harpur; Kersey Graves; John Glover Jackson (1907 – 1993); D.M. Murdock; Wouter Hanegraaff; Jerry Cornelius; James Forlong; Alexander Hislop; Jean Marie Ragon; Mourant Brock; Thomas Hyde; Stuart Piggott, author of The Druids; James Bonwick, author of Irish Druids and Old Irish Religions; Peter Berresford Ellis, author of The Druids; Miranda J. Green, author of The World of the Druids; Anne Ross, & Don Robins, authors of The Life and Death of a Druid Prince: The Story of an Archaeological Sensation; I. M. Stead; J. B. Bourke; Don Brothwell, authors of Lindow Man: The Body in the Bog;Richard Carlile, author of Manual of Freemasonry;

Friends: Jane Thorpe, wife;

Enemies: Napoleon

Organizations: Freemasonry; Society of Antiquaries; "Chosen Chief" of the Order of Druids AKA An Uileach Druidh Braithreaches (The Druid Order); The British Association for the Advancement of Science;

Author: The Celtic Druids aka The Celtic Druids -an attempt to shew that the Druids were the priests of Oriental colonies who emigrated from India and that were introduced to the first, or Cadmean system of letters and the builders of Stonehenge, of Carnac (Karnac) and of other cyclopean works in Asia and Europe, 1827 and 1829 ; Anacalypsis; An Attempt to Draw Aside the Veil of the Saitic Isis; or an Inquiry into the Origin of languages, Nations and Religions ; An Apology for the life and character of the celebrated Prophet of Arabia called Mohamed, or the Illustrious, 1829;

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