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Godfrey Selig AKA Johannes Gottfried Seelig AKA Johann Scheible

Germany /America active in the 1840s - ?

Comments: Qabalist; Rosicrucian; Astronomy; Astrology; first recorded botanical garden in North America; German Enlightenment esoteric Christianity ; very interested in Spirit of Schemhamforasch, the seventy-two Holy NAMEs of God aka five-fold name of Shemhamforash; interestingly, in also includes the Caananite "spirit" or their God, Moloch; names the two Cherubim on the Mercy-seat, Zarall and Jael, not in the Bible; influenced by Verus Jesuitarum Libellus (The True Petition of the Jesuits), 1880 as well as Sepher Schimmush Tehillim (the magical uses of the Psalms) and Semiphoras and Schemhamphoras, published by Andrew Luppius, in Germany, 1686;

Teachers: Cornelius Agrippa; Johannes Kelpius; Rabbi Isaac Luria; Pietro d'Abano; St. Cyprian of Carthage; J. C. Horst; Rabbi Chaleb; Rabbi Eleazar Ben Judah Ben Kalonymus of Worms; the Cuthans, a tribe of the Samaritans, who were called Cuthim in the Chaldee dialect; Johann Georg Faust; Goethe; John George Hohman; August Hermann Francke

Students: William De Laurence; Conrad Beissel aka Johann Conrad Beisell; the Eckerling brothers; Michael Wohlforth, Simon Koenig; Johan George Stiefel; Jacob Stuntz; Isaac Van Bebber; Conrad Matthai; Christopher Witt; Vance Randolph; Heinrich Düntzer; Johann Heinrich Cohausen aka Joannes Henricus Cohausen, editor of Hermippus Redivivus: Or, the Sage's Triumph Over Old Age ; Anton LaVey; Sallie Ann Glassman; Darius; Cat yronwode; Heinrich Bernhard Koster of Irenia; J.F. Rock (1678-1749) and E.L. Gruber (1665-1728) of the Church of the True Inspiration aka Amana aka The Inspirationist ; Michael Krausert; Barbara Heinemann ; Christian Metz;Hieronymus Annoni; Dr. Samuel Augustus Minion; Benjamin Kennicott, 1718-1783;

Friends: Heinrich Bernhard Koster; Daniel Falckner; Joseph Ennemoser, author of The History of Magic - To which is added an Appendix of the Most Remarkable and Best Authenticated Stories of Apparitions, Dreams, Second Sight, Somnambulism, Predictions, Divination, Witchcraft, Vampires, Fairies, Table-Turning, and Spirit-Rapping;

Organizations: "The Monks of the Wissahickon" or "The Woman in the Wilderness"

Author: "The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses" AKA The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses: Or, Moses' Magical Spirit-Art, Known As the Wonderful Arts of the Old Wise Hebrews, Taken from the Mosaic Books ... from the German, Word for Word aka Bibliothek der Zauber-Geheimniss- und Offenbarungs-Bücher vol 6, 1880 ; compilations of medieval European and Middle-Eastern magic, emphasizing Psalms; Material from his German translation of the Hebrew Sepher Schimmush Tehillim (the magical uses of the Psalms) ספר שמוש תהלים aka Sepher Schimmusch Tehillim, oder, Gebrauch der Psalme zum leiblichen Wohl der Menschen : ein Fragment aus der praktischen Kabbala ; and his translation of Verus Jesuitarum Libellus (The True Petition of the Jesuits); translated Semiphoras und Shemhamphoras Salominis,1686; Formulas of the MAGICAL KABBALAH of the Magical Art; Biblia Arcana Magica Alexander; Treatise Sion; Magical (Spirit-Commando) beside the Black Raven; translated Sefer tehillim aka Liber Psalmorum hebraïce : cum notis selectis ex editione Francisci Hare, aka Sefer Tehilim aka Liber Psalmorum Hebraïce Cum Notis Selectis Ex Editione Francisci Hare S.T.P. Espiscopi Cicestrensis: Et Cum Selecta Lectionum Varietate Ex Ed. Vet. Test. Heb. Benj. Kennicott S.T.P. 1809;

Resources: http://www.luckymojo.com/secretspsalms.html; special thanks to cat yronwode; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johannes_Kelpius ; http://www.amazon.com/Sixth-Seventh-Books-Moses-Spirit-Art/dp/1141508060/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1373634794&sr=1-1&keywords=Johann+Scheible ; read him here - http://www.esotericarchives.com/moses/67moses.htm ; http://www.sacred-texts.com/grim/moses7/index.htm; http://www.esotericarchives.com/solomon/jesuit.htm ; http://archive.org/stream/sixthseventhbook00dela/sixthseventhbook00dela_djvu.txt; http://browse.nypl.org/iii/encore/record/C__Rb12084841__Ssepher__P1%2C27__Orightresult__U__X4?lang=eng&suite=def ; https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=hvd.hn6f9n;view=1up;seq=5 ;