Greta Valentine

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Greta Valentine AKA Greta Mary Sequeira

England 1907 - 1998

Comments; one of Aleister Crowley's love interests who wanted to remain friends; WWII heroine, smuggled Jews out of Germany in her trunk; Quentin Tarantino's film Inglourious Basterds, 2009, features a character Bridget von Hammersmark played by Diane Kruger who resembles Greta more than a little! ;

Teachers: Rudolph Steiner; Frieda Harris

Students; Quentin Tarantino, director; Diane Kruger, actress;

Friends: Samuel "Lamorna" Birch; Clifford Bax; Ranald Valentine, husband; George Cross; Austin Wormleighton

Organizations: The Resistence


Resources: CORNELIA No. 1, 2007 by J. Edward Jerry Cornelius, page 51 - 53;