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Rev. H. L. Haywood aka Right Worshipful Brother Harry Leroy Haywood

America 1886 - 1956

Comments: Freemason; Christian Mystic, who didn't believe Freemasonry was directly descended from the Ancient Mysteries, but an expression of the same human impulse;

Teachers: William Schaw; William Sinclair of Roslin; David Cunningham of Robertland; Sir James Murray of Kilbaderton; Sir Anthony Alexander; Robert Drummond of Carnok; Sir John Veitch of Dawyck; John Carmichael; William Moray of Dreghorn; Sir Robert Moray, his brother; Sir William Bruce, 1671; James Anderson; John Theophilus Desaguliers; Laurence Dermott; Albert Mackey M.D.; Thomas Smith Webb; William Stukeley; Daniel Coxe; Jonathan Belcher; Anthony Sayer; Henry Price; Jacob Lamball; William Preston; Prince Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex;Malcolm C. Duncan; Albert Pike; Joseph Fort Newton; Harold Van Buren Voorhis of The Eastern Star; Carl H. Claudy; Bernard E. Jones of The Royal Arch; Rob Morris aka Robert Morris; Rev. George Oliver; W. L. Wilmshurst aka aka Worshipful Brother Walter Leslie Wilmshurst; Robert Macoy; William L Hutchinson ; Jeremy L. Cross; R. Cohen of the Knights of Malta; Prof. Hutton Webster; G. W. Speth; Inspired by Moses, Jesus; Confucius; Mencius; Plato; Pythagoras; Hermes Trismegistus; Strabo; George Washington; Ben Franklin; Rudyard Kipling; Ms. Leader Scott; G. W. Speth; W. J. Hughan; Simon Grynaeus; Erasmus; Sir Thomas More; Elias Ashmole; Hermes Trismegistus; Euclid; Arthur Edward Waite AKA A.E. Waite;

Students: Max Heindel; Manley P. Hall; Andrew Hammer; Kirk White; Christopher Hodapp;Mark Stavish; John Michael Greer; Christopher Knight; Stephen Dafoe; Tim Hogan; S. Brent Morris; Laurence Gardner; Cliff Porter; Tobias Churton;Robert Lomas; James Wasserman; Lon Milo DuQuette; The Knights of the North; WB Chuck Furnace; Lionel Vibert, author of The Rare Books of Freemasonry; J Hugo Tatsch, author of Freemasonry in the Thirteen Colonies; Silas H. Shepherd; Harold V. B. Voorhi aka Harold Van Buren Voorhis; Michael R. Poll; RW James E. Craig;

Organizations; Freemasonry]], Acacia Lodge No. 176, 1915; Royal Arch- Tabernacle Chapter, Waterloo, IA; Scottish Rite- Zarephath Consistory ; Universalist Church, Richmond, Indiana ; editor-in-chief of the National Masonic Research Society ; Symbolical Masonry

Author: The Great Teachings Of Masonry; editor of the New York Masonic Outlook, 1925 - 1930; "A History of Freemasonry" with RW James E. Craig; Symbolical Masonry aka Symbolical Masonry, In Interpretation of the Three Degrees; ; 'The Newly-Made Mason' ; 'How to Become a Masonic Lodge Office'; Christian mysticism and other essays (1917); The Apron, the golden bowl and the silver cord; Freemasonry and the Cathedral Builders, 1923 ; The Great Teachings Of Masonry; editor of the New York Masonic Outlook, 1925 - 1930;

Quotes: "There is no authorized interpretation of Freemasonry. The newly initiated brother does not find waiting for him a ready-made Masonic creed, or a ready-made explanation of the ritual - he must think Masonry out for himself...Its value for us is like gold hidden away in the mountain - the miner must dig for it. And that in itself is a virtue, because many men are cursed by the refusal to use their own faculties...It is the glory of Freemasonry that it speaks the revealing word to that in each of us which is universal, thereby helping to build in the midst of years 'an institution of the dear love of comrades' in which the mind is free to think, the hand to do and the heart to love." "The whole process (of initiation) should be made one of the most crucial experiences of the candidate's life, one that will change him to the center of his being. It is like the moral and spiritual change which comes over a man who passes through the religious experience known as 'conversion' or 'regeneration.' Masonic initiation is intended to be quite as profound and revolutionizing an experience. As a result of it the candidate should become a new man" ;

Resources: http://cdm16287.contentdm.oclc.org/cdm/ref/collection/Biography/id/300 ; read him on Christian Mysticism here - https://archive.org/details/christianmystici00hayw ; read The Teachings of Freemasonry here - http://www.cornerstonepublishers.com/teachings.pdf; http://www.halifax81.com/uploads/THE_APRON_THE_GOLDEN_BOWL_AND_THE_SILVER_CORD_-_H_L_HAYWOOD.PDF; read here too - http://pictoumasons.org/library/Haywood,%20H%20L%20~%20Freemasonry%20And%20The%20Cathedral%20Builders%20%5Bpdf%5D.pdf