Hargrave Jenning

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Hargrave Jenning , incorrect spelling, AKA "Sha Rocco." see also Hargrave Jennings

England 1817 - 1890

Comments: Rosicrucian;"phallism" or phallus worship, sun worship; sex magick; Freemason;

Teachers: P. B. Randolph; Max Theon; Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton;

Students: Peter Davidson, Thomas Burgoyne; Theodor Reuss of the OTO; Aleister Crowley;

Organizations: The Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor; Freemasonry;

Author: Indian Religions, or Results of the Mysterious Buddhism (1858); Curious Things of the Outside World: Last Fire (1861); The Rosicrucians: Their Rites and Mysteries (1870); Live Lights and Dead Lights (1873), One of the Thirty, a Strange History (1873); The Obelisk: Notices of the Origin, Purpose and History of Obelisks (1877); Childishness and Brutality of the Time (1883); Phallicism, Celestial and Terrestrial, Heathen and Christian (1884); Charon: Sermons from the Styx: a Posthumous Work by Frederick the Great (1886); as Sha Rocco - The Masculine Cross and Ancient Sex Worship 1874; reprinted in the "Nature Worship and Mystical Series 1890; Sex Mythology 1898 and many pamphlets: Phallic Worship (1880); Phallism: A Description of the Worship of Lingam-Yoni (1889) Reprinted as Phallicism (ca. 1890-91); Ophiolatreia: An Account of the Rites and Mysteries Connected with the Origin, Rise, and Development of Serpent Worship (1889); Phallic Objects, Monuments, and Remains (1889); Cultus Arborum: A Descriptive Account of Phallic Tree Worship (1890); Fishes, Flowers, and Fire as Elements and Deities in the Phallic Faiths and Worship (1890); Archaic Rock Inscriptions: an Account of the Cup and Ring Marking (1890); Nature Worship: An Account of Phallic Faiths and Practices (1891); Phallic Miscellanies: Facts and Phases of Ancient and Modern Sex Worship, as Explained Chiefly in the Religions of India (1891); Mysteries of the Rosie Cross, or the History of that Curious Sect of the Middle Ages, known as the Rosicrucians (1891)

Resources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hargrave_Jennings#Books_by_Hargrave_Jennings; http://hermetic.com/sabazius/jennings.htm ; read him at http://darkbooks.org/pp.php?v=2097585703 ;http://newtopiamagazine.wordpress.com/2013/08/15/mysteries-of-the-hermetic-brotherhood-of-luxor/ ;