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Dr. Johann Isaac Hollandus

Holland @ 1572 - 1610

Comments: Alchemy; Jewish father and son; medicine; transmutation of metals; The Philosopher’s Stone of health. Four Stones of the 3 kingdoms make the 4th Stone; Paradise Water; extracting acid from urine; artificial gemstones; colored glass;

Teachers: Arnoldus de Villa Nova aka Arnold of Villanova; his father Isaac of Holland AKA Isaac Hollandus; Jabir ibn Hayyam aka Gerber ; Morienus of Rome; Hermes Trismegistus; Dandin the Philosopher, author of Kāvyādarśa aka The Mirror of Poetry;

Students: Paracelsus; Cornelius Agrippa; Isaac Newton; A.E. Waite; Elias Ashmole; Adam McLean; Basil Valentine; Raphael Patai; Karl Christoph Schmieder; Edmund O. Lippmann; Bernard Suler; Torbern Bergmann; Robert Boyle; Karl Wilhelm Gottlob Kastner; Manfred Julius, author of “Practical Handbook of Plant Alchemy”; Antoine Joseph Pernety AKA Dom Pernety; Martinus Rulandus aka Ruland, author of A Lexicon of Alchemy; Antonio Neri, Glassmaker; Emmanuel Ximenes; John Frederick Helvetius aka Johannes Fredericus Helvetius Schweitzer , author of The golden calf which the world adores and desires etc (on the Philosopher’s Stone); Franciscus Mercurius van Helmont; Sir Francis Bacon; Haudicquer Blancourt; Annelies van Gijsen, author of "Isaac Hollandus Revisited, 2010; Rubaphilos of New Zealand; Bartholomeus Scultetus, astronomer; Archibald Cockren ;


Enemies: Ben Jonson, mentions both of them in The Alchemist play; Prof. John Read;


Author: both father and son treated the same subjects, in similar styles, and it is difficult to separate the thoughts of the diamond cutter father and physician son – Opus Saturni aka A Work of Saturn, 1670; On the Threefold Order of the Elixir and the Theory of The Stone aka De triplici ordine elixiris et lapidis theoria; Latin collection – Isaaci et J. I. Hollandi Opera universalia et vegetabilia sive de lapide Philosophorum, 1617, reprinted as “ De Lapide Philosophico”; “Opuscula Alchimica” De lapide vegetabili ex vino, 1650 ; “Opus Vegetabile aka Opera Vegetabilia,1659; "Certaine secrets of Isacke Hollandus.", 1596; Opera Mineralia, sive de Lapide Philosophico, omnia, duobus libris comprehensa aka Opera Mineralia, 1600 ; Viri in philosophia, 1616; Hand of the Philosophers (17th-century manuscript, England) ; De urinis, lost;

Resources: read them at http://www.levity.com/alchemy/hollandus_saturn.html ; The Jewish Alchemists: A history and source book, by Raphael Patai, 1994; https://www.labyrinthdesigners.org/alchemy-spagyrics/universal-sal-armoniacum-hollandus-sal-armeniacum/ ; http://www.rexresearch.com/alchemy5/hollphst.htm http://ramsdigital.com/author/hollandus.html