Ida Craddock

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Ida Craddock

America 1857 – 1902

Teachers: P. B. Randolph; Frederick Hockley; Laurence Oliphant ; Thomas Lake Harris; H.P. Blavatsky; Alice Bunker Stockham; William Miller; John Humphrey Noyes; "angel named Soph"; influenced by The Fox Sisters (Spiritualists); Andrew Jackson Davis (The Poukeepsie Seer); General Ethan Allen Hitchcock; Jemima Wilkinson (The Universal Friend) ; Franz Anton Mesmer;

Students: W.T. Stead; Aleister Crowley Richard Westbrook; Marie Corelli; influenced Theodore Schroeder; Samael Aun Weor AKA Victor Manuel Gomez Rodriguez; William Hope Hodgson; Emma Curtis Hopkins; Cecil Frederick Russell; Louis Culling

Friends: Edgar Allen Poe; Mary Baker Eddy;

Enemies: the Police and politicians of the era; Anthony Comstock ;

Organizations: Theosophical Society; American Secular Union ; Church of Yoga;

Author: Heavenly Bridegrooms; Psychic Wedlock; Spiritual Joys, Letter To A Prospective Bride; The Wedding Night; Right Marital Living; Heaven of the Bible, 1897. Lunar and Sex Worship published after her death.

Comments: Quaker ; Theosophist; sex magick; Spiritualist; Early Contraceptive pioneer; Suffragette;Free Speech Movement;

Resources:; ;;; read her WORK at;