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Inigo Jones AKA “Henygo Jones, a picture maker” in old records

England 1573 – 1652

Comments: Mason and architect; created Theatrical movable scenery; Surveyor-General of the King’s Works, 1615; Freemason; in the Olden Days, the King appointed both a Royal "Patron of Masonry" to represent those financing construction like cathedrals, and the "Master of the Masons", who bargained for all the workmen and enforced royal order. William Sinclair of Rosslyn Chapel 1446, AKA the Collegiate Chapel of St Matthew is an example of the Royal Patron class, who certainly had a big say in design and ornamentation;

Teachers: Vitruvius; Sir Christopher Wren; Apollodorus of Damascus; Leonardo da Vinci; Filippo Brunelleschi aka Filippo Brunellschi ; Alfonso; Giulio Parigi; Andrea Palladio; Parmigianino; Schiavone; Vicenzo Scamozzi; Imhotep, engineer / architect for Pharaoh Djoser; Giulio Camillo; James Anderson;

Students: John Webb, author of Vindication of Stone-henge Restored, 1665; Sir Francis Crane; Isaac de Caus; John Denham; Lord Burlington ; William Kent; Dr. John Theophilus Desaguliers;

Friends: Elias Ashmole; Charles the 1st; Charles the 2nd; James I ; John Tradescant the Younger; William Lilly, Astrologer; Nicholas Stone, architect; Ben Jonson; Roger Manners, 5th Earl of Rutland; ambassador Henry Wotton; Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales ; Earl of Arundel; Peter Paul Rubens; Earl of Bedford; Frank Lloyd Wright;

Organizations: Master of the London Masons;

Author /Buildings: Banqueting House, Whitehall; Covent Garden square ; monument to Lady Cotton, circa 1608,;St Paul's Church; Queen's House, Greenwich, for James I’s wife, Anne of Denmark, finished in 1635 for Charles I’s Queen, Henrietta Maria; Queen's Chapel, St. James's Palace; (book) "The most noble Antiquity called Stonehenge",1655; The Inigo Jones Masonic MS, 1655 -;

Resources:;;; The Mason's Words - the history and evolution of the American Masonic Ritual by Robert G. Davis, 2013;