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Isaac Bonewits AKA Phillip Emmons Isaac Bonewits AKA

America 1949 – 2010

Comments: Druid; Neopaganism; Pagan; prankster; Bard; composer and singer; advocate for full-time paid Neopagan clergy, which many felt would ruin the personal connection of Paganism and institutionalize it;

Teachers: Robert Wentworth Little; George Watson MacGregor Reid; William Stukeley; Ronald Heaver; Ross Nichols; Godfrey Higgins; James Manchester, M.D, Druid; Grand Archdruid Rhodonn Starrus AKA Aerach Crann Crithaec ("Great Quaking Aspen"); Robert Hayes; Mrs. Hayes, 1st female initiate ; Dr. Juliet Ashley, Archdruid; Robert Johnson aka Aerach Crann Crithaec II; Dr. Betty Jean McCloud Reeves ; Gerald Gardner; George Alexander Sullivan; David MacRitchie;

Students: Ian Corrigan; John Michael Greer;

Friends /Enemies /Partners; Sally Easton; Timothy Leary;

Organizations: Druidic organization Ár nDraíocht Féin; Reformed Druids of North America, or RDNA; Aquarian Anti-Defamation League; Hasidic Druids of North America; Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans (CUUPS); friendly with the OTO, Ordo Templi Orientis, Gardnerian Wicca, Association for Consciousness Exploration (ACE), and the New Reformed Orthodox Order of the Golden Dawn;

Author: Real Magic, 1971; Authentic Thaumaturgy: An Open Letter To Selena Fox; The Enemies Of Our Enemies; Witchcraft A Concise Guide ; a professional Occultist on Improving the Realism of Magic Systems used in fantasy simulation games, 1978; editor of Gnostica magazine; article Kill Death Before It Kills You in Berkeley Barb, 1977;

Resources:;; ; read him at ; also check out -