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Ithell Colquhoun AKA Splendidior Vitro

India /England 1906 - 1988

Comments: Rosicrucian; Ceremonial magick; Theosophy; Tarot; ‘magic realism’ style painter and author; Alchemy; studied the Golden Dawn extensively; Surrealist; As Prof. Hale points out, the Magician seeks to experience External Spirits while in Automatic Writing the artist is seeking Internal Spirits and images; Qabalist; pilgrimage to British holy sites dedicated to the Archangel Michael; projecting astrally into the Sepheroth to converse with the Rulers and Entities there;

Teachers: GRS Mead; Countess Tamara Bourkoun; Marquis Nicholas Tereschenko ; Kurt Schwitters, artist; William Robert Woodman; William Wynn Westcott; Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers ; Moina Mathers ; Aleister Crowley; Dr Francis Israel Regardie; Olivia Robertson; Lawrence Durdin-Robertson; Pamela Durdin-Robertson; Salvador Dali, 1936; André Breton, 1939; Leonora Carrington; Sir E.A. Wallace Budge aka E. A. Wallis Budge; Artemisia Gentileschi, a student of Caravaggio; Sir James Frazer; Robert Graves; Edward Langford Garstin, Cancellarius of the Alpha Omega chapter of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and her cousin; Gerald Gardner; Austin Osman Spare;George Watson MacGregor Reid; Ross Nichols; Amédeé Ozenfant; Charles Hinton, his work on the tesseract; Eliphas Levi; Francis Barrett; Nicolas Barnaud, author of the Book of Lambspring, 1625; W.B. Yeats; Colin Murray of the Golden Section Order; Lewis Spence; Rudolf Steiner; Wellesley Tudor Pole of Glastonbury Chalice Well, 1959; Gordon Onslow Ford , artist;

Students: Professor Amy Hale; Dawn Ades; John Mitchell, author of View over Atlantis, 1969; Prof. Amy Hale;

Friends:Toni del Renzio, husband; Peter & Wendy Owen, editors of Springtime Two: an Anthology of Current Trends in Literature; Kenneth Grant; Stephi Grant;

Enemies: E.L.T. Mesens aka Edouard Mesens, of London Surrealist Group;

Organizations: Quest Society of GRS Mead, 1928; Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn; The OTO aka the Ordo Templi Orientis; Typhonian OTO New Isis Lodge of Kenneth Grant; Society of Inner Light of Dion Fortune; Order of the Keltic Cross; Order of the Pyramid and Sphinx of Tamara Bourkoun; Co-Masonry aka Order of the Ancient Free and Accepted Masonry for Men and Women; the Fellowship of Isis; the Druidical order of the Ancient Celtic Church; Circle of the Universal Bond aka An Druidh Uileach Braithrearchas of Ross Nichols; Breton Goursez; the Golden Section Society of Colin Murray; likely the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, a Ross Nichols splinter group;

Author: one act play Bird of Hermes, 1926; first article, The Prose of Alchemy; The Mantic Stain,automatism; The Crying of the Wind - Ireland, 1955; The Living Stones- Cornwall, 1957; Goose of Hermogenes, 1961; I Saw Water (unpublished); The Blue Anoubis (unpublished); The Sword of Wisdom, a biography of MacGregor Mathers; several poems, articles and paintings to Springtime Two: an Anthology of Current Trends in Literature, 1958; Autobiographical Notes, unpublished ; Gods of the Cardinal Points; ‘Poems of He and She’; “My Ideas About Clothes” @ 1961; articles for The London Broadcast, 1954; for Quest magazine, for Prediction magazine; “Dimensional Interrelation - a Meditation on the Platonic Solids” @ 1950s; Union Pacific; I saw Limbo; The Importance of Yeats’ ‘A Vision’” unpublished, @1940; Grimoire of the Entangled Thicket, 1973; Osmazone, 1983; Diagrams of Love, @1940; The Myth of Santa Warna, 1948; Incantations; Sublimation; paintings - Sephiroth, 1978-1979; "I saw Limbo" may be Destination Limbo; “The Double Village”, @1938; The Moths; What do I need to paint a picture?; The Volcano; The Echoing Bruise; Uxor Spiritualis; Nature Note; Triad; The Water-stone of the Wise; Public Art; Aged Six, 1944; Les Grand Transparentes; Children of the Mantic Stain; An Aspect of Popular Taste; Possibilities for True Fresco; Preparation of Gesso Panels for Decorative Painting; Echoes of Voodoo, 1946; Little Poems on Hidden Themes, 1951; Roads of the Moon, 1953; The Night Side of Nature; Little Poems on the Theme of The Way; Heaven and Earth, 1954; My Sister and I, 1955; Divination Up-To-Date; Portrait of a Magician- Austin Osman Spare; The Lamia, 1955; The Dying Kick of the Dying God; Unidentified Flying Objects; The Goat without Horns; “Sarn Elen”, 1958; THE CROWN AND THE KINGDOM series, including The Qabalah, the 10 Sepheroth, The 22 Paths, and the 400 Desirable Worlds, all 1958;“L’Isle de la Fleur Nocturne”, 1962; “Liturgical Reformation?”; “La Goélette ‘Étoile du Soir’”, 1963; The Island of Mystery, 1968; The Church with a Crooked Spire; The LIght of the Croww; Still Mythical Ireland; “The Revealer”; 13 Treasures of the Isel of Britain; Meditation begins at Home; In the Light of Cornwall; Magna Mater, 1969; The Interface; The Opening of the Body; “Relics of Romanticism in Czechoslovakia, 1970”; “Wisdom Tradition of the Gael, part 1: The Green Diamond; part 2: The Danaan Tree of Life; “Land of Legend and Ancient Peace; Bergie and Zan, 1971; A Walking Flame; Cornish Earth; Kurt Schwitters en Angleterre; The Two Silurists; 2 Pupils and a Master; Aperçu sur l'Origine du Collage; “Imbolc"; Rubbish into Art; Berlin is an Island; In Search of Faculty X, 1972; The Chain Poem; Banners from the Sky; The Spear of Destiny, 1973; Egypt and the Nile, 1975; The Taro as Colour, 1978; Pilgramage; The Zodiac and the Flashing Colours, 1979; Colour and Two Sigils; Memoir of E.J.L. Garstin (her cousin, alchemist); Notes on the Colouring of the Homer's Golden Chain Diagram; Mr Test and the Strawberry Blondes; Lamorna; An Avon Well, 1980; Notes on Automatism; Women in Art; Coronach for Iona, 1982; Uathe, 1982; A Dream; Uath, 1983;

Artist: painted Tarot cards; Judith Showing the Head of Holofernes, 1929; Susanna and the Elders,1930; Gouffres Amers, 1939; Double Coconut, 1936; Sardine and Eggs, 1940; Cucumber, 1939; The Pine Family, 1940; Scylla, 1938 ; Alcove, 1946; Portrait of Allan Bennett, 1936; Magical drawings and diagrams 1950s-1970s; Towards the Tesseract,1978; Grand Central Canal; Alchemical Figure; The Thirteen Streams of Magnificent Oils, 1940; Dance of the Nine Opals, 1942; The Battle Fury of Cachullin, 1949;

Author / Artist COMBINED!!!! : the Decad of Intelligence, 1978-1979 paired meditations and paintings on the Qabalistic Tree of Life;

Quotes: "Every voyage to the realm of fire Adds a flame to the wand To the worlds of water each journey A drop to the cup"; “Sometimes I copy nature, sometimes imagination: they are equally useful"

Resources:;; Ithell Colquhoun: Magician Born of Nature (revised edition) by Richard Shillitoe, January 2010; by Professor Amy Hale -, Hi Amy!; see some of her painting at;;; on her friernd and teacher Colin Murray of the Golden Section Order;;; ;;