J. William Lloyd

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J. William Lloyd aka John William Lloyd AKA the "drugless physician"

America 1857 - 1940

Comments: Sex magick; Karezza; "Free Love"; anarchist; The Larger Love;

Teachers: Edward Carpenter; Walt Whitman; Edward Bellamy; :Thomas Lake Harris; Ida Craddock; Alice Bunker Stockham MD; Dr. Troll;

Students: John Humphrey Noyes; Richard Maurice Bucke;

Friends: Leonard D. Abbott; Benjamin Tucker; Moses Harman; Horace Traubel; George Littlefield, Christian Socialist; Marie Elizabeth Emerson, 1st wife;


Organizations: anarchist group, The Comradeship of Free Socialists,1897; Socialist Party;

Author: "Wind-Harp Songs" (poetry), 1895; "The Red Heart in a White World: A Suggestive Manual of Free Society; Containing a Method and a Hope," ; "Dawn-Thought on the Reconciliation: a Volume of Pantheistic Impressions and Glimpses of Larger Religion" (1900); magazine, "The Free Comrade,", 1900 - 1902; "The Natural Man: A Romance of the Golden Age" ;"The Dwellers in Vale Sunrise: How They Got Together and Lived Happy Ever After. A Sequel to 'The Natural Man,' Being an Account of the Tribes of Him."; Aw-Aw Tam Indian Nights: Being the Myths and Legends of the Pimas of Arizona" (1911); "Karezza Method," a sex manual (first published clandestinely ca. 1918); "Eneres," 1929 and 1930, with an introduction by Havelock Ellis; Life’s Beautiful Battle: or, The Human Soul before Pain, 1910; The Book of the Beahrees: The Manifesto of the Religion of Beauty, 1923; Woman and the Larger Love (1933); New Ideals in Love (1926); California vespers: poems of day-endings, night-time and moonlight, 1938 ; Fantasies of the strange, 1940 ; The Scripture of the Serene Life ;

Resources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_William_Lloyd; http://www.reuniting.info/karezza_method_lloyd ; http://libertarian-labyrinth.org/archive/J._William_Lloyd