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JSM Ward AKA John Sebastian Marlowe Ward AKA J. M. S. Ward

Belize / England / Cypress 1885 – 1949

Comments: Freemason; disciplined by the British Grand Lodge, 1987 ; Spiritualist; founded Abbey Folk Park; explains the Masonic “Pigpen” cypher in Freemasonry and the Ancient Gods; may have been an actual member of Th’ien, Ti, Hoi’h aka the Pe-Lin-Kiao aka San-ho-hoi’h aka the Brotherhood of Heaven and Earth in China; ; The Leyland (or Locke) MS @ 1436 for , King Henry the Sixth; King Henry the Eighth ; Dionysian Artificers to the Roman Collegia, to the Comacine Masons to the Operative Masons to Speculative Freemasons; parallels the Compagnonnage aka the Sons of Solomon aka King Solomon;

Teachers: Gerald Gardner; Chinese Hung Society; Rev Herbert Ward, father; Rev. Haskett Smith; Louis Jacolliot; Willard L. Felts; Dante Alighieri; P. S. P. Handevik,; Inigo Jones; Christopher Wren; M. W.Bro. B. Tuekett; James Anderson; William Schaw; William Sinclair of Roslin; David Cunningham of Robertland; Sir James Murray of Kilbaderton; Sir Anthony Alexander; Robert Drummond of Carnok; Sir John Veitch of Dawyck; John Carmichael; William Moray of Dreghorn; Sir Robert Moray, his brother; Sir William Bruce, 1671; John Theophilus Desaguliers, a zealous collector of early masonic manuscripts. Anderson compiled the 1st General Regulations under his supervision 1721; Laurence Dermott, Ancients in 1751; William Stukeley; Daniel Coxe; Jonathan Belcher; Anthony Sayer; Henry Price; Jacob Lamball; William Preston; Mencius ;Confucius ; James Legge, translator of The I Ching ; Horus Bentutet” aka Hiram Abiff in Egypt; Titus Flavius Josephus aka Josephus; Pythagoras; Euclid ; Elias Ashmole; John Leland, antiquary; John Locke; J. G. L. Meyer; of Lady Masham; Dr. Carl Christian Friederich Krausse ; “"Peter Gower,"” aka “"Petagore” aka Pythagoras?; W.Bro. B. Tuekett; H. J. Da Costa, 1820 ; Marquis de Chefdebien; Jean Joseph Mounier; Henry Budd ; F. C. Van Duzer; Henri M. Leon; the Rev. Haskett Smith, who studied the Druses; Louis Jacolliot; Quintus Septimius Florens Tertullianus, aka Tertullian; Julius Firmicus Maternus aka Firmicus; Karl Joseph Hieronymus Windischmann ; Justin Martyr; Albert Churchward (1852–1925); James Churchward (1851-1936); P. S. P. Handevik; E. A. Wallis Budge; Virgil; Joseph Fort Newton; Strabo; Eusebius; Ms. Leader Scott; Charles Leland, translator of Aradia, or the Gospel of the Witches, 1899; James Halliwell; Albert Pike; Robert Freke Gould; Hermes Trismegistus; John Aubrey, author of Miscellanies, 1696; Sir Henry Goodric; Agricol Perdignier;

Students: Jessie Ward, wife; Gary L. Heinmiller ; Charles A. Lakin ;

Friends; John Reginald Cuffe, his son through a young student, born just before his death; James Churchward; Albert Churchward; William Stirling, with whom he wrote the Chinese Hung Society book: T. Argles; Hackett Smith; J. F. Crease; L. M. Phillips; J. A. Gotch; W. H. Rylands;

Enemies: Stanley Lough, father of 16 yr old Dorothy;

Organizations: Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology; Anglican Church, then Archbishop of the Orthodox Catholic Church (not Roman Catholic); Royal Arch Freemason; Isaac Newton Lodge; Euclid Chapter of the Royal Arch; York Rite of Freemasonry; "Confraternity of the Kingdom of Christ";

Author: The Hung Society: or the Society of Heaven and Earth with William Stirling; Gone West - Three Narratives of After-Death Experiences Communicated Through the Mediumship of J. S. M. Ward, (on Death), 1917; A Subaltern in Spirit-Land (on trying to contact the ghost of his dead brother), 1917, A Sequel To "Gone West"; The Psychic Powers of Christ; Freemasonry and The Ancient Gods ; Who Was Hiram Abiff? ; The Entered Apprentice Handbook; The Fellow Crafts Handbook; The Master Masons Handbook; The Higher Degrees Handbook; Brasses (Church ornaments); Fairy Tales and Legends of Burma, 1916; Freemasonry and The Ancient Gods, 1921; Textile Fibres and Yarns , 1924; An Interpretation Of Our Masonic Symbols, 1924; An Explanation of The Royal Arch Degree, 1925; Told Through The Ages: A Series Of Masonic Stories, 1926; The Moral Teachings of Freemasonry, Incorporating Masonic Proverbs, Poems and Sayings , 1926; "Book of John Reginald", 1949; An Explanation of The Royal Arch Degree; An Outline History of Freemasonry;

Quotes: “Freemasonry is the survivor of the ancient mysteries - nay, we may go further and call it the guardian of the mysteries”; "I consider Freemasonry is a sufficiently organized school of mysticism to be entitled to be called a religion.....I boldly aver that Freemasonry is a religion, yet in no way conflicts with any other religion, unless that religion holds that no one outside its portals can be saved"; "Light is the key which opens the door to our mysteries, and it is the same Light which 'shines in every letter of the Koran,' and is the Light of Mithra, who is the light of Ahura-Mazda. It is the same Light from which Moses shaded his eyes when it appeared to him in the bush, and the sign of a R(oyal) A(rch) is still made by an Arunta native of Australia when he returns from the final degree through which he passes in the mysterious ceremonies peculiar to that primitive people. It is that Light of which it is written in our Scriptures that 'the Light shineth in the Darkness and the Darkness comprehended it not' " ; 'Thus by square conduct, level steps, and upright intentions we hope to ascend to those immortal mansions whence all goodness emanates. This is the great lesson of the second degree, that by ourselves and in ourselves, we can discover God  ;

Resources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Sebastian_Marlowe_Ward; http://orthodoxcatholicnew.tripod.com/id7.html ; http://orthodoxcatholicnew.tripod.com/id7.html; http://jsmward.tripod.com/ ; read him here - http://books.google.com/books/reader?id=OFEzAQAAMAAJ&printsec=frontcover&output=reader&pg=GBS.PR13