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Jack Parsons AKA Marvel Whiteside Parsons AKA John Whiteside Parsons AKA Frater Belarion AKA "Thelema Obtentum Procedero Amoris Nuptiae" AKA Frater 210

America 1914 – 1952

Comments: Thelemite ; sex magick; Jet Propulsion Laboratory, AKA JPL; the Babalon Working with Hubbard; Moonchild working with Cameron; evocation of Bartzabel against Hubbard and Sara Northrup; crater Parsons on the far side of the Moon is named after him;

Teachers: Aleister Crowley; Frater Achad AKA Charles Stansfeld Jones; Wilfred Smith AKA Frater 132; Robert Goddard; Robert Rypinski; Dr. Theodore von Karman; Regina Kahl; Theodor Reuss; Carl Kellner; Karl Germer; Robert Andrews Millikan; Robert Graves;

Students: Grady McMurtry; Helen Parsons Smith nee Northrup; Marjorie Cameron Parsons; Jane Wolfe; Bill Heidrick; Kenneth Deigh, editor of Mezlim: An Independent Journal for the Working Magus , not to be confused with the earlier Kenneth Grant Typhonian [OTO] magazine, Mezla; Robert de Grimston aka Robert Moor and wife Mary Ann MacLean of The Process aka The Process Church of the Final Judgment aka the Process Church, 1960 - 1970s, a splinter group from Scientology, who worshiped Jehovah, Christ and Satan;

Friends: Dr. Francis Israel Regardie; boyhood friend Ed Forman; Frank Malina; Sara Northrup Hubbard

Enemies: L. Ron Hubbard; Fritz Zwicky

Organizations: A∴A∴ or Argenteum Astrum (the Silver Star); OTO AKA Ordo Templi Orientis; Lodge Master of original Agape Lodge in CA; Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica AKA Gnostic Catholic Church; Church of Thelema; Jet Propulsion Laboratory AKA JPL; Cal Tech AKA the California Institute of Technology; Guggenheim Aeronautical Laboratory (GALCIT); Aerojet;

Author:Analysis by A Master of the Temple; The Book of AntiChrist; The Book of B.A.B.A.L.O.N; Freedom is a Two Edged Sword and other essays; Songs for the Witch Woman; article - Freedom is a Lonely Star; We are the Witchcraft; The Woman Girt with a Sword; Letters to Cameron; The Manifesto of the AntiChrist; http://www.cameron-parsons.org/jackparsons.html ; Three Essays on Freedom, 2008;

Resources:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Whiteside_Parsons; Sex and Rockets by John Carter 1999; Strange Angel: The Otherworldly Life of Rocket Scientist John Whiteside Parsons by George Pendle