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Jacob Frank AKA Ya'akov Frank AKA Jakob Frank AKA "Baron of Offenbach" AKA Jacob Leibowitz aka Ya’akov Leivitch aka Yakov ben Judah Leib Frankovich aka "Joseph" (aka Józef) Frank aka (the self-proclaimed) "Baron of Offenbach"

Poland/Ukraine/Austria/Germany 1726 – 1791

Comments: claimed to be reincarnation of the self-proclaimed messiah Sabbatai Zevi; like him, very Tantra- like practices of breaking taboos, "purification through transgression"; introduced to the Karakashi sect of the Donmeh in the Turkish empire, which worshiped Beruchiah Russo (also known as Osman Baba); influenced by the half Jewish, half Muslim Turkish Shabbetaians; sometimes known as the "Anti-Talmudists" or "Zoharists" for opposing tradition; 500 followers converted to Christianity in Lwów, but continued to practice Frankism; Qabalist; Tantra ; like in Tantra, believed in the Sabbatian idea of "purification through transgression" aka Antinomianism and the Moravian Church idea that Jesus goes where the Sin is (beggars and prostitutes, not lawyers and bankers); Sabbatean Messiah of Frankism; led his followers to convert to Polish Roman Catholicism (1759) , but some broke off to join the Protestant Moravian Church of Jan Hus, and later Count Nicholaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf; mass baptism of his 13,000 disciples in 1759 in Lvov Poland, now Ukraine; renamed the 10 Sepheriah with more Christian Terms like Virgin, the Upper Maiden, the Lower Maiden; Female/ Goddess/ Sheckinah oriented mysticism; Not as interested in the Sitra Ahra aka Other Side of the Tree; The Holiness of Sin as Liberation and Restoration (Tikkun either because the Messiah has come or in order to rescue Good from Evil and bring the Messiah; transformation of the visible Torah aka the Torah de Beriah into that of the Higher World aka Torah de Atsiluth; Asmodeusz the Demon; wore Red for Judgment and White for Mercy, sometime mixing them; story of the Lindworm Serpent; identified gemantricly with the God NAME Shaddai; cinnabar Alchemy for medicine cures, perhaps "quackslaver" (quicksilver?) “Golden Drops”;

Teachers: Osman Baba; Sabbatai Zevi; Rabbi Issohar; Hayim Malakh;Rabbi Mordechai ben Elias Margalit of Prague; Rabbi Leib; Jan Hus; Moses de Leon, likely author of the Zohar; Jesus the Christ aka Yeshu haNotzri aka Yehuda the Nazarine; Notko ben Meir aka Rafal Korolewski; Rabbi Mardocheusz; Nathan of Gaza aka Nathan Benjamin Levi AKA Nathan Benjamin ben Elisha HaLevi Ghazzati aka Abraham Nathan ben Elisha Hayyim Ashkenazi aka Rabbi Nathan Ashkenazi of Gaza aka buzina kaddisha aka The Holy Lamp; Solomon Molcho AKA Diego Pires;

Students: Abraham Miguel Cardoso; Baron Thomas von Schoenfeld, AKA Junius Frey of the Order of the Asiatic Brethren and Freemasonry, nephew and successor ; his daughter Eve aka "The Matrona" ; Cagliostro, the Cophta of the Egyptian Rite; Baal Shem of London ; RaMCHaL; William Blake; Eva Margaretha von Buttlar aka Mother Eve aka the Sophia of Bohme ,1670 - 1721; Pavel Maciejko; Alexandr Kraushar, 2001; Harris Lenowitz, 1998; Arthur Mandel, 1979; Ada Rapoport-Albert, 2011; Rabbi Berechiah aka "Baruchya" aka Baruchia Russo aka Osman Baba; Abraham Perez of Salonica, 1668; Moses Porger of Prague, 1794; Samuel Primo; Abraham Rovigo of Modena; Mordecai Ashkenazi, author of Eshel Abraham; Nehemia Hayun aka Nehemiah Hiyya ben Moses Hayyun of Bosnia , author of Mehemnuta de Kulla & Dibre Neḥemyah & Oz L’Elohim aka The Power of God, @ 1650 – 1730; Naphtali Cohen of Prague; Jonathan Eybeschutz of Poland, 1690 -1764 ; Baruch Kunio aka Berahya aka Barochia; Harris Lenowitz, @ 1990; Adam Czartorisky; H. Skimborowicz, 1866; Z. L. Sulima aka Walery Przyborowski,1893 ; Israel of Rishin aka the Rabbi of Sadagora aka Israel Friedman of Ruzhyn aka Der Heiliger Ruzhiner;

Friends; Uncle Moses Meir Kamenker; Augustus III of Poland; Russian General Bibikov; Paul I of Russia; Maria Theresa of Vienna/ Austria; Nahman ben Levi aka Piotr Jakubowski aka Piotr Twardowski; Nathan Shor of Rohatyn aka Michal Wolowski; Natan ben Aharon of Lwow aka Loew aka Loewe aka Rabbi Nussen;

Enemies: The Baal Shem Tov; Leopold Loew of Reform Judaism,a reaction to Mystical Messiahs; Moses Hagiz; the Ya'avetz aka Jacob Emden, 1697-1776; Rabbi Tzvi Ashkenazi;

Organizations: creator of Frankism; originally Sabbateans, banned 1722;

Author: Ksiega Slow Panslich aka the Words of the Master (manuscript, in Polish, Cracow Univ) aka Book of the Words of the Lord aka "The Gospel of Yakov Leib Frank"; (when Antinomianism ie the Breaking of Taboos is your method, anything you commit to paper can be used against you, and I have yet to discover any FIRST HAND DOCUMENTATION amid a lot of interesting speculation, to which I add my own, in the absence of eye witness accounts and teachings)

Quotes: An aspect of the Godhead, a true aspect grew in me like a pearl that grows of itself; and I have no man to whom I might reveal the truth of this matter; “ I grabbed the pulpit and cried out that I would murder the first one who dared come up, and then, having taken the Torah [scroll of the] Laws of Moses, I put them on the bare ground and, having lowered my pants, I sat on them with my bare behind and all the Jews, …unable to do anything”; “What kind of an achievement would it be, if God should lead the world with wise men and scholars? God absolutely wants to come forth in this world with the least and the lowest, so that from such a place his power would be demonstrated; just consider and look at me, there was no greater prostak (Peasant) than I, who was just as if deprived of intelligence; but wisdom, as I said, comes forth from nothing”; “My grandmother, my mother's mother was a very learned astrologer. When I was born, all the witches assembled around our home and surrounded it, even their queen was there at their head”; “Every man is composed in three, the man, his shadow, and his Fortune”;

Resources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacob_Frank ; http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/biography/frankj.html ; http://www.mindspring.com/~hellfire/bishop/trad.htm ; http://kheper.net/topics/Kabbalah/Frank-gospel.htm ; read him here - http://archive.org/stream/TheCollectionOfTheWordsOfTheLordJacobFrank/TheCollectionOfTheWordsOfTheLordJacobFrank_djvu.txt