Jean Marie Ragon

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Jean Marie Ragon AKA Jean-Marie Ragon de Bettignies

France 1781 - 1862

Comments: Freemason; knew both Ancient and Modern Lodges; Astrology; Sex magick ; Christianity is a Pagan sex rite concealed in allegory; sperm as sacrament ;

Teachers: Hargrave Jennings;Richard Francis Burton; Godfrey Higgins;

Students: Aleister Crowley; Jerry Cornelius; Dr. Thomas Inman; James Forlong; Alexander Hislop; Mourant Brock; Carl Kellner; Theodor Reuss; Clement de Saint-Marq;

Organizations: Freemasonry; Grand Orient of France ; Parisian lodge "True Friends" AKA "The Trinosophes"; Rite of Mizraim ; Order of the Temple of Bernard-Raymond-Fabré Palaprat ;

Author: La Messe et ses Mysteres AKA The Mass and its Mysteries AKA The Mass And Its Mysteries Compared To The Ancient Mysteries, (1882); The philosophical and interpretive lessons of ancient and modern initiations the Masonic Orthodoxy; Occult Masonry, etc. AKA Maçonnerie occulte suivie de l'initiation hermétique; Masonic FORESTRY rituals!; editor of 1st Masonic magazine in French, Hermes; Francmasonería. Ritual de Grado Maestro in Spanish; Françmaçonnerie: Ordre Chapitral Nouveau Grade de Rose-Croix et Analyse des 14 Degrés Qui le Précédent, Etc.; Francmaçonnerie: Manuel Complet de la Maçonnerie d'adoption Ou Maçonnerie des Dames ; Cours Philosophique Et Interprétatif Des Initiations Anciennes Et Modernes...; Maçonnerie Occulte Suivie De L'initiation Hermétique: Rôles Des Planètes...

Resources: ; SATAN IN BERKELEY post on Facebook by J. Edward Cornelius, 5/15/2013;; if you read French, read him here - ; buy books here in French -