Jeanne Foster

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Jeanne Robert Foster AKA Jeanne Foster AKA Julia Elizabeth Oliver AKA Sorer Hilarion AKA 'the Cat'

America 1879 – 1970

Comments: Thelemite; Scarlet Woman; fashion model, journalist, editor, poet; folklore of the Adirondacks ; Crowley's Scarlet Woman for less than a year in 1915; left when she did not conceive a Magickal Childe;

Teachers:Aleister Crowley; John Quinn;


Friends / Partners: Hellen Hollis AKA Hellen Westley; Joseph Conrad, author; Ford Madox Ford; Ezra Pound; W.B. Yeats; John Butler Yeats, painter; Matlock Foster, husband;

Less than friends: Ratan Devi AKA Alice Richardson, the wife of Ananda Coomaraswamy; Gerda Maria von Kothek, a German prostitute;

Organizations; may have belonged to A∴A∴ or Argenteum Astrum (the Silver Star)

Author: Neighbors of Yesterday; Adirondack Portraits - A Piece of Time by Jeanne Robert Foster, Crowley dedicated The Golden Rose to her;