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Rabbi Johan Kemper aka Johan Christian Jacob aka Rabbi Moses ben Aaron Kohen of Kracow aka Shabbatai ben Meir HaKohen aka Shabbatai HaKohen aka The the Shakh ( ש"ך‎) or The Lips

Poland / Sweden 1670–1716

Comments: ex Sabbatian Jew who converts to Christianity, greatly enhances the Christian Qabalah; planned on going to Palestine, 1695, in order to await Sabbatai Zevi 2nd coming in Jerusalem; supported “Philosemitism” and the Swedenborgians eventual efforts to convert the Jews in Amsterdam and London to Emanuel Swedenborg’s version of Cosmic Protestantism”; The Trinity in ONE; Psalm 72 refers to Jesus (like the 72 NAMEs off God);

Teachers: Sabbatai Zevi ; Jacob Frank; Tsadok ben Shemaryah of Grodno; Solomon Molcho ; Franciscus Mercurius van Helmont ; Christan Knorr von Rosenroth; : Abraham Abulafia; Isaac Luria; Moses ben Jacob Cordovero; Gustav Peringer; Moses Maimonides; Rabbi Abraham Aben Ezra; Averroes; Solomon ben Melech; Yehuda Halevi; Paul of Aragon (c@ 1480); Cicero;

Students: taught Hebrew to Emanuel Swedenborg ; Rachel Elior; Elliot Wolfson; Pawel Maciejko; Hans-Joachim Schoeps; George F. Dole ; Josef Eskhult; Brian Talbot; Baron Thomas von Schoenfeld aka Moses Dobruška AKA Brother Junius Frey of The Order of the Asiatic Brethren aka the Asiatische Bruder ; William Blake; Count Cagliostro; Count Nicholaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf; Rev. Dr. Isidor Kalisch, 1st translator of Sepher Yitzirah; Jonas Fahlenius, bishop of Abo; Professor Carl Schulten in Lurid; Professor Harald Hasselgren in Greifswald; Olof Rudbeck, compared Hebrew to Lapp, 1703; ;

Similar: Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto AKA The RaMCHaL; The Baal Shem of London aka Dr. Falcon aka Rabbi Falk; Rabbi Joseph ben Abraham Gikatilla; Rabbi Johann Friedrich Falk;

Friends: Johann Christian Wagenseil ; Laurentius Normannus; Anders Norrelius, translator;

Enemies: Jacob Emden; Ludwig Hatvany;

Organizations: probably Yehudah Ḥasid aka Chewra Hasidim, 1695 (aka 5455) ,planned to go to Palestine in order to await Sabbatai Zevi 2nd coming in Jerusalem; converted to Christianity in 1696, in disappointment;

Author: Mateh Mosheh, 3 vols, on the Zohar; “Me’irat ‘enayim” aka "The Enlightenment of the Eyes", on the Gospels, translated later as “ Illuminatio oculorum “ which he began translating into Hebrew to convert more Jews to Christianity, only finished Matthew; "The Direct Route to Heaven in Three Steps, or the Baptismal Sermon for the Convert Moses ben Aaron from Cracow," 1696;

Quotes: "But since he (The Messiah) did not come in this year, hope died out";

Resources:; ; read him here -,d.cWc ;