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Johannes Trithemius AKA Johann Heidenberg aka Ioanne Trithemio

Germany 1462 – 1516

Comments: cryptography ; cryptographer and master of hiding messages in drawings as well as words; The seven angels of the 7 Planets; crystal gazing; scrying; still investigating the Hooke - Dee - Trithemius connection on cryptography; while the 1st 2 chapters of Steganographia seem adaptable to a code or cipher, the 3rd chapter does seem like actual Middle Ages magic, which was a dangerous "facade" for a coded cryptogram, better to make it something mundane; published , such as a Catalogus scriptorum ecclesiasticorum (1494) and De viris illustribus Germaniae (1495); { Polygraphia aka hidden writings aka Polygraphie, et vniuerselle escriture cabalistique de M,} 1507; Chronologica mystica , 1508;

Teacher: Georgius Sabellicus aka 'Magister Sabellicus Faustus iunior" aka Dr. Johann Georg Faust AKA Johann Fust AKA Doctor Jörg Faustus von Haidlberg ; Pietro d'Abano; Trithemius; Spirit of Saturn aka Orifiel; Anael, the Spirit of Venus; Zachariel the Angell of Jupiter; Raphael, the Spirit of Mercury; Samuel the Angell of Mars; Gabriel the Angell of the Moon; Michael the Angel of the Sun; Emperor Cesar Maximilian of Rome; Giovanni da Correggio aka Giovanni "Mercurio" da Correggio aka Joannes Mercurius de Corigio @1451; Lodovico Lazzarelli;

Students: Cornelius Agrippa; Paracelsus; Sir Francis Bacon;Rev. John Wilkins author of Mercury or the Secret and Swift Messenger; Athanasius Kircher author of the OEdipus AEgyptiacus; Gustavus Selenus of the Cryptomenytices et Cryptographiae; Manly P. Hall ; Hermann Gollancz; Lynn Thorndike; Noel Brann; William Lilly; Francis Barrett author of The Magus; Edward Kelly; Dr. John Dee; Cagliostro; Frederick Holland; Claude Alexander Conlin; Charles Stansfeld Jones; P. B. Randolph; Max Theon; Ebenezer Sibly; Kenneth R. H. Mackenzie; F.G. Irwin; Fiona Tait ; Christopher Upton; Adam McLean; Hedy Kiesler Markey aka Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler aka Hedy Lamarr, actress and inventor or an 88 key code for torpedo control, early wi-fi and bluetooth technology; Klaus Arnold; Roland Behrendt; J C F Grumbine aka Jesse Charles Fremont Grumbine; Rev John Pell, author of A Key to unlock the Meaning of joannis Trithemius, a discourse of steganography, 1630; Fiona Tait ; Christopher Upton; Adam McLean; Jacques Gohory, alias Leo Suavius ; W. E. Heidel aka Wolfgang Ernst Heidel , 1676; Gaspar Schott; John of Hildesheim, author of Trithemii Liber de scriptor ecclesiasticis;

Friends / Enemies/ Co-travelers: Johannes Virdung de Hassfurt; Georgius Sabellicus aka 'Magister Sabellicus Faustus iunior" ; Johann Georg Faust; Konrad Celtis aka Conrad Celtis, 1459-1508, organizer of the Sodalitas Vistuliana aka Literary Sodality of the Vistula River;

Enemies: Carolus Bovillus aka Charles de Bovelles; Joanners Wier, 1583; Martin Delrio aka Del Rio, 1551-1608; Germain de Ganay ;

Author: Steganographia (written c.1499; published Frankfurt, 1606), explains an earlier text was disguised as a system of Angel magic, but actually a crytography text (currently researching this was the starting point for Robert Hooke's lecture, leading to Dr. John Dee's Enochain Angelic language that Stephen Inwood in The Forgotten Genius, Pg. 379 & Laurence Gardner detail at the Royal Society, see The Shadow of Solomon, page 251); Polygraphia aka hidden writings aka Polygraphie, et vniuerselle escriture cabalistique de M ; De septum secundeis (The Seven Secondary Intelligences, 1508), a history of the world based on astrology ( see; Polygraphiae contains the code used on the Golden Dawn cypher manuscript. THE ART OF DRAWING SPIRITS INTO CRYSTALS, &c., With many other Experiments in the Occult Sciences, never yet published in the English Language (misappropriated and translated by such notables as Francis Barrett in The Magus, Book II, which was plagiarized in Cornelius Agrippa's Fourth Book, The Key to Ceremonial Magic, plagiarized from Pietro d'Abano's Heptameron. Well,maybe "heavily quoted without attribution" would be accurate; Liber octo quaestionum ad Maximilianum Caesarem de fide et intellectu aka(Book of Eight questions from Emperor Maximilian, regarding faith and intellect), 1515; Antipalus Maleficiorum , @1500; In Praise of Scribes (aka De Laude Scriptorum); "De Lapide Philosophico" ; Chronicle of the Monastery of Hirsua aka Annales Hirsaugiensis, 1690;

Organizations: Catholic Church (resigned 1506), the Golden Dawn Cipher Manuscripts were encrypted using the Trithemius cipher, a simple (contradictory) substitution that Trithemius describes in his book Polygraphiae;

Resources:;;; read him here - ;; ; ; Daniel Pickering Walker, author of Spiritual & Demonic Magic – from Ficio to Campanella, 1958;