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John Amos Comenius AKA Johann Amos Comesky aka Jan Amos Komensky

Bohemia /Czech Republic 1592 - 1671

Comments: Major Esoteric Figure ; Intellegencer; gave a copy of LUX IN TENEBRIS to the Winter King; earliest champions of universal education; created 1st idea of Pansophia, a "system of the world" that would gather and resolve any conflicts in the world's knowledge, both scientific and Spiritual; first proponent of universal education from birth to death, to improve Mankind; Inspired the Royal Society and Hartib Circle Office of Address projects, as well as the American education system ; Warned them against developing technology without Spirituality; Learning should be fun, picture books for adults and children; asked to be the 1st President of Harvard but declined; owned the original of Nicolas Copernicus' On the Revolution of Celestial Bodies manuscript; believed we needed 7 schools throughout our lives, from Learning to Begin as a Child to Learning to Die as an old person; saw his wife and children murdered in front of him during the religious wars between Catholics and Protestants, escaped the bonds and burning building; divided Human Knowledge into: Pansophia “All Wisdom” (structure of the Human soul and God's world); Panhistoria “All History” ; Pandogmatica “All Dogma”; must develop ONE LANGUAGE for peace; AWESOME MIND! his the Via Lucis aka 'way of light combined Science and Spirit; led the the Moravian Church during the "Hidden Seed" period after the 30 Years War;

Teachers: Christopher Kotter; Jan Hus; Irish Jesuit William Bathe; Johann Piscator; Heinrich Gutberleth; Heinrich Alsted; Francis Bacon; Jakob Bohme; Robert Fludd; Johannes Valentinus Andreae AKA Christian Rosenkreutz, 1628;Aristotle; Diogenes the Cynic; Nicholas Drabiz aka Drabicius, 1657; Christina Poniatowsky, 1629;

Students: Samuel Hartlib; Jean Piaget, educator; Heinrich Nollius; Cyprian Kinner of Elbing; Abraham von Franckenberg; John Dury of Scotland; Cardinal Richelieu of France; John Jonston (1603-1675); Rafal Leszczynski; Hedy Kiesler Markey aka Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler aka Hedy Lamarr, actress and inventor or an 88 key code for torpedo control, early wi-fi and bluetooth technology; Count Nicholaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf; Jean Piaget, author of The Visible World In Pictures, 1658; The Labyrinth of the World; Organizations: Bishop of the Unitas Fratrum, aka the Moravian Church during the 30 Years War; Chuck Furnace; Daniel Ernst Jablonski, grandson; Rick Joyner; S S. Laurie; Jaroslav Pelikan; Matthew Spinka; Jan Kvacala; Cenek Zibrt; Jan V. Novak; Charles Hoole; Cotton Mather; Camisar William du Serre of Dauphine; Franz Sättler aka Dr. Mussalam aka Brother Mussalam Chakum aka Dr. Erich Bauer, founder of the Adonistische Gesellschaft fuer das Deutsche Sprachgebiet" & a "direct learning method", author of Buch der orientalischen Geheimnisse aka the Book of Oriental Secrets & Zauberbibel aka The Magical Bible;

Friends: The Winter King, Frederick V, Elector Palatine received a copy of his "Lux in Tenebris" AKA Light in Darkness ; Cotton Mather; John Winthrop the Younger; Rene Descartes ; published the visions of Christopher Kotterus; Mikuláš Drabík (lat. Nicolaus Drabicius) ; Christina Poniatowska; Theodore Haak; John Hunyades;

Enemies: Rev. William Hurd; Catholic soldiers who slaughtered his family;

Organizations: Freemasonry; The Royal Society; Unity of the Brethren or Bohemian Brethren aka the Unitas Fratrum, aka the Moravian Church, leader during the 30 Years War; Hussite movement; The Hartlib Circle; the Office of Address project; Cryptography; 1645 Group; wanted to start "The College of Light to the True fundamental universal Church of Philadelphia or Brotherly Love;

Author: Pansophiæ Prodromus; Didactica Magna (Great Didactic); Janua Linguarum Reserata (The Gate of Languages Unlocked) or, A Seed-Plot of All Arts and Tongues: Containing a Ready Way to Learn the Latine and English Tongue,1632, 1673; Orbis Sensualium Pictus; Synopsis physicae ad lumen divinum reformatae; Lux in tenebris; The Labyrinth of the World and the Paradise of the Heart, 1623; Via Lucis AKA Way of Light 1668; The Visible World In Pictures, 1658; The School of Infancy, 1631; Opera Didactrica (1657);Pansophia Diatyposis aka Panergesia, 1643; Panaugia aka De Rerum Humanarum Emendatione Catholica, 1666; Quotes - "The first task is for European scientists to state all goals and knowledge in an encyclopedia. Establishing a college to provide labs for scientific research is the second task. The last task is to have access to knowledge in all fields" ; Not the children of the rich or of the powerful only, but of all alike, boys and girls, both noble and ignoble, rich and poor, in all cities and towns, villages and hamlets, should be sent to school; The proper education of the young does not consist in stuffing their heads with a mass of words, sentences, and ideas dragged together out of various authors, but in opening up their understanding to the outer world, so that a living stream may flow from their own minds, just as leaves, flowers, and fruit spring from the bud on a tree; We are all citizens of one world, we are all of one blood;

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