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John Ballou Newbrough, DDS

America 1828 - 1891

Comments: automatic writing ; vegan; trancework; Christian; innovated dentist, invented a new form of dentures; followers called 'Faithists; much of the "inspired" text seems to have been , ahem, strongly influenced by Andrew Jackson Davis' The Principles of Nature, Her Divine Revelations and A Voice to Mankind (1847), Godfrey Higgins, in Anacalypsis and the King James Bible; "Pandeism" , the original World Culture before it was fragmented;

Teachers: "spirits";

Students: Confraternity of Faithists; Mabel Collins; Prof. Thomas A.M. Ward; Dr. Cetliniski; the Universal Faithists of Kosmon; inspired The Eloists; Ray Palmer; David Cardone; Jim Dennon; William S. Sadler, MD (and his wife Lena Sadler) of Urantia; Helen Schucman and William Thetford, of A Course in Miracles; Neale Donald Walsch of Conversations With God; Edgar Cayce; Levi Dowling of the The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ, 1908; Marjorie Palmer; Dorotha Souttere; Dulcie Brown; Edward Vaughan Hyde Kenealy, author of The Book of God - the Apocalypse of Adam-Oannes;

Friends: Andrew Howland, patron; Francis van de Water Sweet, wife, then Howland's wife;

Similar: Dr. Frank B. Robinson (1886-1948), of "Psychiana" ;


Organizations: Land of Shalam Commune; orphanage at Shalam Colony; inspired Eloists of New England ; the Universal Faithists of Kosmon in Colorado and California;

Author: Oahspe, A Kosmon Bible in the Words of Jehovih and his Angel Embassadors, aka aka Oahspe: A New Bible in the Words of Jehovih and His Angel Ambassadors. A Sacred History of the Dominions of the Higher and Lower Heavens on the Earth for the Past Twenty-Four Thousand Years together with a Synopsis of the Cosmogony of the Universe; the Creation of Planets; the Creation of Man; the Unseen Worlds; the Labor and Glory of Gods and Goddesses in the Etherean Heavens; with the New Commandments of Jehovih to Man of the Present Day (includes The Book of Shalam, often printed seperately) 1882; Book of Knowledge; The Origin of Oahspe; Dictionary of Words and Terms used in OAHSPE, The Book of Life;

Resources:; read him here - ; or read him here - ; ;