John G. Bennett

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John G. Bennett AKA John Godolphin Bennett

England 1897 - 1974

Comments: the Fourth Way WORK; Math; met Gurdjieff in Constantinople in 1921; out-of body WWI injury, 1918; Intelligence agent in Turkey; studied Theosophy and Anthroposophy; psychokinetics;

Teachers: G. I. Gurdjieff; P. D. Ouspensky; H.P. Blavatsky; Rudolph Steiner; Jeanne de Salzmann; Muhammad (Pak) Subuh; Emin Chikou, sufi ; Farhad Dede, sufi; Husein Rofe, psychotherapist who created Rolphing, rough massage to release emotional blockages; Shivapuri Baba; influenced late in life by Khwaja Ubaidallah Ahrar; Omar Khayyam; Rumi;

Students: Eva Bartok; Monk Pere Bescond;

Friends / Partners: Evelyn Bennett, 1st wife; Winifred Beaumont, 2nd wife; Prince Sabaheddin; Anthony Hodgson; Anthony George; Edward Blake; Kenneth Plkedge; Henri Bortoft; David Bohm; Sufi Hasan Lutfi Shushud; Maharishi Mahesh Yogi; A. R. Orage AKA Alfred Richard Orage; Thomas de Hartmann; Olga de Hartmann;

Enemies: Idries Shah, who took over Coombe Springs, kicked out all the students Bennett had placed in his care, soon banned Bennett himself, then sold the property and lived rich ever after, printing his own books and translations of Sufi stories.

Organizations: Subud movement (a spiritual movement from Java); Chairman and Director, Institute for the comparative study of History, Philosophy, and the Sciences, Kingston upon Thames, 1946–1959.; Fellow of the Institute of Fuel; Institute for the Harmonious Development of Man at the Château Le Prieuré in Fontainebleau-Avon; the Institute for the Comparative Study of History, Philosophy and the Sciences, 1946; for which he bought Coombe Springs estate; ISERG (Integral Science Research Group) ; Idries Shah's SUFI (Society for the Understanding of the Foundation of Ideas); Structural Communication Systems Ltd.; School of the Fourth Way; International Academy for Continuous Education;

Author: autobiography, 'Witness'; 'Journeys in Islamic Countries' ; 'Concerning Subud'; 'The Dramatic Universe'; Long Pilgrimage - The Life and Teaching of the Shivapuri Baba; Systematics. journal; “Gurdjieff: Making a New World” (1973); edited Gurdjieff's Third Series of writings, 'Life is Real Only Then When "I Am"'; Masters Of Wisdom: An Esoteric History of the Spiritual Unfolding of Life on This Planet (Historical study and a vision of the workings of higher intelligence);Enneagram Studies; Sex: The Relationship Between Sex and Spiritual Development ; The Way to be Free;