John Humphrey Noyes

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John Humphrey Noyes

American: 1811 - 1886

Comments: Sex magick; Perfectionism; Karezza sperm withholding aka Karaza aka karraza ; "Free Love"; socialist; "Mutual Criticism" cure; "Complex Marriage"; converted during the Greak Awakening of 1831; besides his main commune, sister communities were established in the Northeast, one in what is now Wallingford, CT, where the Masonic Home (now Masonicare) was established and the Grand Lodge of Freemasonry in CT resides; New York commune 90 - 200 people, Wallingford @ 45 people; birth control to create Perfected people, stirpiculture aka eugenics; fled statutory rape chatges for Niagra Falls, Canada; 58 "Superior" children born 1869 - 1879; Phrenology; Mesmerism; Self improvement; May be that Karaza aka karraza is a mispronunciation of the Hebrew technique of kavvanot aka kawwanah , as applied to Sex magick;

Teachers:Thomas Lake Harris; Ida Craddock; J. William Lloyd MD; Jemima Wilkinson (The Universal Friend); Charles Grandison Finney aka Charles G. Finney; Nathaniel W. Taylor of Yale; William Whewell, 1833; Franz Anton Mesmer; Charles Lyell, geologist; William Lloyd Garrison, abolitionist; The Cathars of France; Eva Margaretha von Buttlar aka Mother Eve; Amos Bronson Alcott; Ralph Waldo Emerson ; Emanuel Swedenborg; Charles Fourier; Edgar Allan Poe; Nathaniel Hawthorne; Herman Melville;

Students: Laurence Oliphant;Marnia Robinson; Alice Bunker Stockham MD; Aldous Huxley ; Aleister Crowley; Samael Aun Weor ; Jonathan Burt; Mary Cragin; Ann Hobar; Theodore Noyes; Otto Mühl, of the commune at Friedrichshof, Austria ; Henry Allen, donated more than 200 acres of his family-run farm in Wallingford (site of Masonicare), 1851 - 1880 ; Robert Beaumont, of the Wallingford Historical Society; Anthony Wonderley, of the Oneida Community Mansion House, New York;William Dorrell of The Dorrellites; Heinrich Pestalozzi; James Pierrepont Greaves; Robert Owen of New Harmony commune; Stedman Whitwell; Fanny Wright; George Houston; Abner Kneeland  ; Henry A. Fay ; Robert Jennings; Henry Jones; Rev. Alexander Campbell of the Campbellites ; Henry Jacobs of Jacobopolis; B.J.Timms of Morrisania; J.A. Wayland, whose commune implemented the ideas of John Ruskin; Vladimir Semionov of Prozorovka, @ 1912; Eberhard Arnold of The Society of Brothers of the Hutterian Brethren aka The Bruderhof Communities; Gerald Heard of Trabuco aka the 'Club for Mystics', 1942, based on Swami Prabhavananda's teachings; Alexander Wilder aka Alick; Tirzah Miller; Katherine Anne Hei, 2005; Robert S. Fogarty, 1980; John Spurlock; Taylor Stoehr, 1979; Richard DeMaria ; Robert David Thomas;Lawrence Foster; Maren Lockwood Carden; Rosabeth Kanter; Louis Kern; Robert Allerton Parker; Mrs. Elizabeth Thompson of Boston; Allan Estlake aka Abel Easton, author of The Oneida Community: A Record of an Attempt to Carry Out the Principles of Christian Unselfishness and Scientific Race-Improvement,; Corrina Ackley Noyes, author of Days of My Youth; Pierrepont Noyes, author of My Father’s House: An Oneida Boyhood; Harriet M. Worden‟, author of Old Mansion House Memories- By One Brought Up In It; Constance Noyes Robertson, granddaughter  ; George Wallingford Noyes, grandson; Arthur Versluis; nephew George Noyes Miller, author of After the Sex Struck - or Zuggassent's Discovery, 1895 and the Oneida tableware;

Friends: legal wife Harriet Holton; her sister Harriet Skinner; William Miller (of the Seventh Day Advents and Jehovah Witness movements) ; Joseph Smith of the Mormons; Polly Hayes, mother; Representative John Noyes, of VT, 1812, father; William Lloyd Garrison; David Harrison; President Rutherford B. Hayes, cousin;

Enemies: Vermont State Attorney (enemy);Anthony Comstock; William Towner; William Hinds

Similar - Adin Ballou‟s ( 1803 –1890) commune Hopedale, Massachusetts, 1841; Joseph Smith and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or Mormons;

Organizations: Oneida Community; Oneida Society; Yale (expelled); Mount Tom Printing House; Oneida Ltd (stainless steel flatware); Calvinist Perfectionist community, 1842; Perfectionist Putney Community, 1838; Dartmouth College, 1826; Andover Theological Seminary; Yale Theological Seminary;

Author: Male Continence; The Berean (1847); Bible Communism (1848); History of American Socialisms (1870); Mutual Criticism (1876); Perfectionist and Theocratic Watchman periodical;edited Circular, their Oneida Community newspaper; American Socialist magazine; The Berean; articles in The Battle-Axe and Weapons of War,1837; Bible Argument;

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