John Symonds

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John Symonds

England 1914 – 2006

Comments: author ; Aleister Crowley's literary executor;

Teachers: Aleister Crowley; Madame Blavatsky; Gerald Hamilton


Friends: Dylan Thomas ; Stephen Spender; Hedwig Feuerstein, wife briefly; Renata Israel, 2nd wife; Sir John Betjeman; Kenneth Grant;

Enemies: Israel Regardie;


Author: edited 'Lilliput' magazine; William Waste, 1946; The Lady in the Tower, 1955; A Girl Among Poets,, 1957; The Confessions of Aleister Crowley (edited); The Great Beast (1952); The Magic of Aleister Crowley (1958); The King of the Shadow Realm (1989);The Beast 666 (1997); Madame Blavatsky, Medium and Magician, a life , 1959; Bezill (1962); Light Over Water (1963); The Shaven Head (1974); In Letters from England (1975); The Child (1976); The Hurt Runner (1968); children's books: Isle of Cats (illustrated by Gerard Hoffnung), 1955. Lottie (1957),; Elfrida and the Pig with illustrations by Edward Ardizzone (1959); The Magic Currant Bun, (1953); The Stuffed Dog (1967);