Joseph ben Abraham Gikatilla

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Joseph ben Abraham Gikatilla AKA in Hebrew: יוסף בן אברהם ג'יקטיליה‎,AKA in Spanish: Chiquitilla, "the little" AKA "Joseph Ba'al ha-Nissim" (the Thaumaturge or literally Master of Miracles);

Spain 1248 – after 1305

Comments: Very Important early Qabalist; Rabbi; applies the Gog NAME techniques of Abraham Abulafia with the Tree of Life cosmology of Moses de Leon with active "astral travel" on the Tree; in the Hekolot ascent, one explores the rooms of the palace, each revealing a secret of the Torah; The Divine NAMEs are the keys to each door, one must know where the necessary power or treasure is before using the correct NAME to enter the proper room. If you need food but enter the treasure room of Silver, you won't receive that which you sought. Tetragrammaton as a Magic Formula when used with the INTENTION of relaxed focus or Kawwanah aka Karezza; the mystic's sexual union with his wife is a talismanic act;

Teachers:Abraham Abulafia; influenced by Maimonides; Solomon ibn Gabirol; Rabbi Abraham Aben Ezra; Yehuda Halevi; Proclus; Plato; Paramendides;Origen ; Pythagoras; Ramban aka Rabbi Nachmanides AKA Nahmanides; Nehemia ben Shlomo ha-Navi; Eleazar Ben Judah of Worms aka Eleazar of Worms; Origen, especially Commentary on Psalms;

Students: Paulus Ricci; Giovanni Pico della Mirandola ; Avi Weinstein ; Arthur Hertzberg ; Moshe Idel; Elke Morlok aka Mohr Siebeck; Shlomo Blickstein ; Andreas Kilcher; Moshe Idel; Moses ben Jacob Cordovero; Joseph Angelet; Johann Reuchlin; Christan Knorr von Rosenroth; Yohanan Alemanno; Paulus Ricius, translator of Sha'arei `Orah as Portea Lucis, 1515; Chaim Wirszubski; Egidio da Viterbo, translator of Sha'arei `Orahas Hortus Nucis; Flavius Mithridates, who translated some of his work as Liber Secretorum Punctationis; Johannes Buxtorf, author of Lexicon Chaldaicum, Talmudicum et Rabbinicum; influenced the theories of Jacques Derrida, Umberto Eco; Rudolf Steiner; Harold Bloom of Yale; Elke Morlok aka Mohr Siebeck; Jechiel Ashkenazi, author of Temple of the Lord; Shlomo Bichstein; Peter Cole; Ezra Brand; Yehuda Liebes; Hartley Lachter; Efraim Gottlieb; Paulus Riccius aka Paolo Riccio, 1480 - 1541; Mattityahu Delacru; Ephraim Gottlieb; Elke Morlok; Charles Mopsik; Shlomo Blickstein; Mattiyiah ben Solomo Delacrut; Charles Mopsik; Wolfgang Iser; Moshe Idel; Elliot Wolfson; Ioan Couliano, author of The Tree of Gnosis; Shlomo Blickstein, author of Between Philosophy and Mystisim; Gershom Scholem; Rabbeinu Bachya aka Bahya ibn Pasquda aka Bahya ben Joseph ibn Paquda; Asi Farber-Grant; Yehuda Liebes; Alexander Altman; Eliyahu Peretz; Stephan Lieberamn; Simo Parpola, author of the Assyrian Tree of Life; Nathanael Deutsch; Boaz HUss; Joelle Hansel; Joseph Ergas; Yonathan Garb aka Yoni Garb; Adam Afterman; Hartley Lachter; Chuck Furnace;

Friend:Moses de Leon, influenced each other, scholars believe aspects of Rabbi Gikatilla's WORK appear in the Zohar, rather than being copies from it...or there may have been a 3rd, unknown text from which both drew inspiration; Isaac Sagi Nahor aka Isaac the Blind; Isaac of Acre;

Organizations:the school of "Prophetic Qabalah" ;

Author: Ginnat Egoz aka ; Ginas Egoz גנת אגוז aka The Nut Garden (Walnut?), (covering "Gemaṭria," "Noṭarḳon," "Temurah"), 3 parts on the divine NAMEs, Hebrew letters, and on the vowel points, 1615; The last book republished as the Book on Vowels aka the Gate to the Points in the Cedars of Lebanon, 1601; the Gate of Light aka Sha'are Orah, or Sefer ha-Orah aka Sefer Shaʻare orah asher ḥiber Yosef n. Giḳaṭilyah li-feḳoaḥ ʻenayim ʻorot be-darkhe ha-Ḳabalah; שערי אורה 1 156; Sod ha-Ḥashmal, a kabbalistic commentary on the vision of Ezekiel; Perush ha-merkavah le-R. Yosef G'iḳaṭilah on marriage of David and Bathsheba secret ; Sod ha-naḥash u-mishpaṭo aka On the Snake and it's Feeding; Shaar HaNikud aka Sha 'ar haNiqqud; The Mystery of the Shining Metal, on Ezekiel chariot; Hasagot on the "oreh; Sex of the Soul (based on his writing) ; -(reputed) Sod Hamezuzah aka Secret of the Mezuzah; Perush ha-merkavah / le-R. Yosef Giḳaṭalya ; hehedirah ʻal pi kitve yad ṿe-hosifah mavo, Asi Farber-Ginat; Perush hagadah shel Pesaḥ ; Sod ha-naḥash u-mishpaṭo aka סוד הנחש ומשפטו / ג'קטיליה יוסף בן אברהם ; Sefer Perush ha-merkavah / le-Rabenu Yosef Giḳṭaliya. Sefer Ḥadre ha-merkavah ; Hekhal kise ha-kavod / [Mosheh Yaʼir Ṿainshṭoḳ] ספר פירוש המרכבה / לרבינו יוסף גיקטאליא. ספר חדרי המרכבה ; היכל כסא הכבוד / [משה יאיר וויינשטאק]; Sefer ha-meshalim ; Kelale ha-mitsṿot : shene ḥiburim ḥadashim mi-kit. y. / le-Rabenu Yosef Giḳaṭilya ספר המשלים ; כללי המצות : שני חיבורים חדשים מכת"י / לרבינו יוסף גיקטיליא ; Sefer sha'are tsedeḳ aka Sha'arei Tzadeq aka Shaarei Tzedek; Erez be-Levanon : kollel 7 ḥiburim ארז בלבנון : כולל ז' חבורים; Sefer Noʻam Elimelekh : ... ʻal Ḥamishah ḥumshe Torah ... / asher ḥiber Elimelekh mi-Lizensḳ ; gam kamah liḳuṭim ʻal pesuḳim u-gemarot u-derushim ; uleva-sof ... Ṭaʻame mitsṿot ṿe-sodot leha-rav Yosef Giḳaṭilya = Noam Elimelech ספר נועם אלימלך : ... על חמשה חומשי תורה .../ אשר חיבר אלימלך מליזענסק ... ; גם כמה לקוטים על פסוקים וגמרות ודרושים ; ולבסוף ... טעמי מצות וסודות להרב יוסף גיקטיליא ... ; הבאתיו לבית הדפוס ... אברהם ניסן זיס סג"ל; Secret du mariage de David et Bethsabée aka Volume 1 of Bibliothèque des sources hébraïques aka סוד ראויה היתה בת שבע לדוד מששת ימי בראשית  ; The Secret of the Snake and its Habit; Hokhmat haTzeruf; Chadrei HaMerkava ;

Quotes: "YHVH is central and ...HE dresses in the cogomens (other NAMEs) required to carry out Judgment....For Chockmah is next to Kether and Binah...and has a front and back...the front looks to Kether, the back to it is with the attributes of the heavenly and earthly world, the world of Angels, the world of Sepheroth, the heavens (space), the stars, the planets and the lower world, all are interconnected and are sustained from each other...One sees that each entity from all the entities of the NAME YHVH , may HE be Blessed, have two faces: one face recieves from that which is above it and one face to bestow the Good on the entity that is below it, until it descends to the earth's navel...this is the essence of our esoteric beliefs (pg 211, 'Gate of Light' aka Sha'are Orah, or Sefer ha-Orah); "The Holy One, blessed be He, because of His great love for Israel, gave them these two passages, which are Shema and Vehaya Im Shamoa, and they are the secret of the two passages called Gedulah (grace) and Gevurah (severity). Encompassing Gedulah and Gevurah are all the external forces, and in order to protect Israel from the external forces that surround Gedulah and Gevurah, which are called the mezuzot of the supreme palace, He commanded Israel to place a mezuzah on the gates of their homes, so that there should be no permission for the external forces to enter the homes of Israel, so that they cannot harm them."; "The beginning of all vision is Whiteness (Kether) and the purpose of all vision is Blackness (Malkuth or manifestation)";

The Nut Garden holds things felt and thought, and feeling for thought is always a palace —

Sinai with flames of fire about it, burning though never by fire devoured.

On all four sides surrounded so, entrance is barred to pretenders forever.

For one who learns to be wise, however, its doors are open toward the East:

he reaches out and takes a nut, then cracks its shell, and eats…

(this Biblical Nut Garden phrase has Qabalistic significance)

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