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Judy Harrow

America 1945 - 2014 (Rest In peace, Old Friend)

Comments: New York Witch ; creator of the modified Gardnerian tradition called Proteus; first member of CoG to be legally registered as clergy in New York City,; Wicca; Neopaganism; hearing of her death last night, took me a day to react. She was an implacable force of Nature, devoted to Equality and Justice, often when it was completely impractical in the real world. She shifted the discussion whenever she spoke. Her last years required long, painful medical treatments regularly, and chronic pain doesn't make any of us more easy-going. Combine that with her natural forthright personality, add in the give-a-damn attitude I-can-say-anything that sometimes comes to old age, and she could be somewhat crusty at times. Those of us who knew her longest remember the fierce yet sensuous Priestess who could Draw Down the Goddess and shake off her body to shine like a Star. Her "brand" of Gardnerian built in safeguards against male domination without removing Gender Polarity, regardless of physical bodies. For Judy was a Guardian of Justice, and if she was more comfortable with sword and shield than tea and crumpets, her WORK was realized in great form. She leaves behind a body of Knowledge and a large Tribe of "children", for a women who never chose to have biological offspring. Her brand of Wicca will live on across the East and West Coasts. In this, she has achieved an immortality we can all only admire and seek to emulate, each in our own way. May she be welcomed into Summerland by our old friends Black Lotusand Alexei Kondratiev, and all of them be free of the pain of this mortal coil. ; namesake of the digital the Judy Harrow Library at Cherry Hill Seminary; On a very personal note, I will miss her, she did a Great Margret Hamilton Wicked Witch of the West! A Light of Modern Neopaganism has been extinguished;

Teachers: Gerald Gardner; Ron Parshley AKA Lord Sylvanus 1943- 2001; Epicurus aka Apikoros;

Students: Rusty AKA Geoff ; Geoff AKA Green Man; Laura Wildman Hanlon; Misha D***a; Peggy “Maggie” Beau***t; Michelle M****er; Jennie Du***m; Jessica Lu***n ; Ijod Sch*****; Barry M****; Susan Tapl*****; Rhea Pan*****; Holli E****; Cat Ch****-*****; Maureen; Dr. Rocks; Byron B******;

Friends: Margot Adler; Starhawk; Selena Fox; BoneBlossom; Chuck Furnace; Black Lotus; Alexei Kondratiev; Phyllis Curott;Ronald Hutton; Peg Aloi; M. Macha NightMare aka Aline O’Brien; Andras Corban Arthen; Maury & Judy St*****d, High School;

Organizations: iargolon Coven; Proteus Coven; Covenant of the Goddess , 1981; Cherry Hill Seminary; New York Area Coven Leaders' Peer Support Group;

Author: two essays to Modern Rites of Passage; essay in Magical Religion and Modern Witchcraft,; regular contributor to PanGaia; “Wicca Covens: How to Start and Organize Your Own”, 1999; editor and contributor to Devoted to You: Honoring Deity in Wiccan Practice; “Spiritual Mentoring: A Pagan Guide”,2002;

Quotes: Whatever lives, changes. Growth and decay comprise the sacred cycle of life. Change itself is not steady; change also changes. Through most of our lives, we experience long periods of slow and steady growth. We call those life stages, although we are not static even then. We also all experience stuck points and growth spurts. Certain moments of particularly intense change are experienced as gateways - clear and irreversible transitions into another time of our lives ; Anticipation kindles and sustains perseverance. To anticipate is to dream, to set goals, to work towards those goals. To keep on, slowly and patiently if necessary, when we meet with obstacles. Spring will bring us flowers … but only if we plant the seeds, or learn where to look for the wildflowers that grow far from the beaten path;

Judy Harrow 1945 – 2014

Judy was a force of Nature; a whirlwind of writing, a bonfire of creativity, a cool river of compassion, and a beehive of activity. Many people are creative, some people are practical, Judy had a foot in both the worlds of Spirit and Matter. Her ideas were well researched and considered, but she was also able to organize and plan the practical details to “Earth” them. Like a Pharaoh, she wore the double – crown, her’s of competency as well as creativity. Her passion was for Equality, an ideal she pursued in all walks of her life. In a world where each individual is born unique, with certain skills and in different social circumstances, she fought for equal access and treatment of all. Even when it was impractical, she would fight the good fight, compromising only with regret. For half a century our overall Community and Paganism in America benefited from her organizational skills. The skilled Practioners who mastered her unique brand of Gardnarian Wicca have become Leaders in their own Rite, and have continued the tradition of handing down “the blessing, the bloodline, the barakas” to new Generations of Witches. Her classes on Leadership provided all day, intensive training to the Leaders of Tomorrow. Her impact on the Future is assured in her writings, her theories, and those who carry a little piece of Judy’s LIGHT into their Spiritual practice. Her Spirit suffuses the Air we breathe now, her Teachings illuminate our Creative Fire, the structure of the Proteus lineage stands strong, and if we cry, we cry for our loss, and Judy lives in those tears.

To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven: A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to harvest; A time to hurt, and a time to heal; a time to break, and a time to build; A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance; These are the times of our Lives, a celebration of all Judy accomplished before she had to say Goodbye. She is with The Mother now, one with the Ancient Ones. May the Peace of the Goddess go in our hearts. May She lift up Her face to smile upon us, and grant us Peace. May She look down upon all the good we do, bless our tears as well as our laughter. And may Judy’s life inspire us to challenge ourselves to become the best we can be. Amen, and Blessed Be.

By Chuck 2.0 Furnace at her Celebration of Life, Columbia Faculty Houss, NYC 6/28/2014

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