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Kenneth Anger AKA Kenneth Wilbur Anglemeyer AKA Lucifer

America 1927 - present

Comments: Thelemite; experimental film maker; child actor; gossip; gay culture; Anger & Alfred Kinsey traveled to the ruins of the Abbey of Thelema in Cefalù, Sicily & filmed a short documentary titled Thelema Abbey; "making a movie is casting a spell.";

Teachers: Aleister Crowley; Eliphas Levi; Sir James Frazer; influenced by early French filmmakers Auguste and Louis Lumière, Georges Méliès; Willard Maas; Jean Cocteau; Stan Brakhage; Allen Ginsberg; William S. Burroughs;

Students: Darius James, author of Negrophobia ; influenced Martin Scorsese; David Lynch; John Waters; Mark Demetrius, 1993;

Friends: Alfred Kinsey; Tennessee Williams; Mick Jagger; Keith Richards; Jimmy Page; Marianne Faithfull ; Anton LaVey; Curtis Harrington; Maya Deren; J. Paul Getty,, patron; Miriam Gibril ; Donald Cammell; Brian Butler; Brion Gysin; Anais Nin; Marjorie Cameron Parsons; Leoš Janacek; Bruce Byron;

Enemies: Andy Warhol; Bobby Beausoleil of the Charles Manson Family;

Organizations: OTO AKA Ordo Templi Orientis; Church of Satan;

Author; Hollywood Babylon Vols. 1 & 2; contributed introductions to Aleister Crowley's Atlantis: The Lost Continent, 1970 and Anton LaVey's The Devil's Notebook, 1992 & Satan Speaks!, 1998

Films /Projects: the "Magick Lantern Cycle" 0f 9 short films; played Charming Prince as a child in A Midsummer Night's Dream (1935); appeared in Kenneth Anger's Magick for PBS; Ferdinand the Bull, 1937; Prisoner of Mars, 1942; Demigods (Escape Episode), 1944; Fireworks, 1947 (sort of gay porn for the 50s); The Love That Whirls, 1949 (Aztec setting); Rabbit's Moon, 1950; Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome, 1954 (in Kubla Khan's palace, with Marjorie Cameron Parsons); Thelema Abbey ( On Aleister Crowley's commune, with Sexologist Alfred Kinsey); L'Histoire d'O (S&M softcore by today's standards); Scorpio Rising, 1965 (sorry, just looked like softcore gay porn to me, maybe I'm missing something?); Kustom Kar Kommandos, 1965 (more softcore gay porn); Invocation of My Demon Brother (okay, now that was interesting, music by Mick Jagger, Anton LaVey- His Satanic Majesty Bobby Beausoleil- Lucifer and a loud dog barking); Lucifer Rising, 1970 - 80 (with Bobby Beausoleil just before he joined Charles Manson, Marianne Faithfull , Jimmy Page; holding the Stele of Revealing); Patriotic Penis, 2004;