L5 Orbit

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L5 Orbit

 In Progress

Keith Henson; Gerard O'Neill; Timothy Leary; Robert Anton Wilson; Chuck Furnace; Ted Shultz of The Network;

space migration, intelligence increase and life extension (SMI2LE);

By applying Joseph Louis Lagrange's math to engineering structures, Leonhard Euler advanced architecture by formulating the Euler–Lagrange equation for beams, which plots out stress and load baring probability against a curve. These same mathematics would later be applied to Astrophysics in computing the Euler-Lagrange_equation. From it would come a calculation of an orbit around the Earth which would not decay, the L5 Orbit aka Lagrange 5. This stable orbit around the Earth is where permanent habitable space stations could lift us in baby steps to the stars, see Dr. Timothy Leary's SMI2LE;

Resources : http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-29876154 ; sigh....