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Lionel Snell AKA Ramsey Dukes AKA Lemuel Johnstone AKA Liz Angerford AKA Ambrose Lea AKA Adamai Philotunus AKA the Hon. Hugo C. St J l’Estrange

England ? - ?

Comments; Thelemite; sort of one of the Chaos magicians;

Teachers: Aleister Crowley; Gerald Yorke ; Ted Bryant; Austin Osman Spare; Gerald Suster; Liz Angerford; Ambrose Lea;


Friends / Enemies / Partners: Francis King; Peter Carroll; Ray Sherwin; Sallie Ann Glassman; Jerry Cornelius; Howard Luder, illustrator;

Organizations: Cambridge;

Author: SSOTBME: an essay on Magic AKA Sex Secrets of the Black Magicians Revealed by "Lemuel Johnstone"; Johnstone’s Twentieth Century Occult Philosopher and Skepticall Politick Theorist; Uncle Ramsey’s Bumper Book of Magick Spells; contributor to AGAPE magazine; Thundersqueak: The Confession Of a Right Wing Anarchist; Words Made Flesh ; The Good, The Bad, The Funny - De Arcano Nostrae Sanctissimae Mirabilisque Trinitatis, Eius Potestate Sanandi Et Redimendi Vim Statistis - Ad Quae Excoginatio Eius Contributionis Ultimae Ad Magisterium Magicae Artis Nostrae Addita Est; The Hellgate Chronicles as The Hon. Hugo C St J l’Estrange, 2000 as e-Book; Uncle Ramsey’s Little Book of Demons as Ramsey Dukes, 2005

Resources: ; download him here -