Lord Dunsany

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Lord Dunsany AKA Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, 18th Baron of Dunsany

Ireland / England 1878 - 1957

Comments: Fantasy, Horror and Science Fiction writer; Poet; Playwright; chess champion; Lord of Dunsany Castle;

Teachers; Edgar Allan Poe; William Shakespeare;

Students: W.B. Yeats ; C. S. Lewis; H. P. Lovecraft; E. R. Eddison; James Branch Cabell; Robert E. Howard; Clark Ashton Smith; Neil Gaiman; Jorge Luis Borges; Talbot Mundy; C. M. Kornbluth; Arthur C. Clarke; Margaret St. Clair; Jack Vance; Michael Moorcock; Peter S. Beagle ; David Eddings; Gene Wolfe ; Fletcher Pratt; Ursula K. Le Guin; S. T. Joshi ; Darrell Schweitzer; J.W. Doyle; L. Sprague de Camp; Mark Amory;

Friends: H. Rider Haggard; William Morris; J. R. R. Tolkien; Lady Beatrice Child-Villiers, wife; Elizabeth Toldridge;



Author:The Gods of Pegana 1905; Time and the Gods 1906; The Sword of Welleran and other stories 1908 ; The Fortress Unvanquishable, Save for Sacnoth 1910 ; A Dreamer's Tales 1910 ; Selections from the Writings of Lord Dunsany 1912, introduction by W.B. Yeats; The Book of Wonder 1912  ; Five Plays 1914  ; Fifty-One Tales (vt: The Food of Death) 1915; Tales of Wonder (vt: The Last Book of Wonder) 1916  ; A Night At An Inn 1916 Play; Plays of Gods and Men 1917 plays; A Dreamer's Tales and other stories 1917~ Omnibus of "The Sword of Welleran and other stories" and "A Dreamer's Tales"; The Book of Wonder 1918 Re-use of title; omnibus of "Time and the Gods" and the original "The Book of Wonder"; Tales of War 1918 ; Nowadays 1918  ; Unhappy Far-Off Things 1919; Tales of Three Hemispheres 1919 ; If 1921 Play ; The Chronicles of Rodriguez (aka Don Rodriguez: Chronicles of Shadow Valley) 1922  ; The Laughter of the Gods 1922 Play; The Tents of the Arabs 1922 Play; The Queen's Enemies 1922 Play; Plays of Near and Far 1922 plays; Plays of Near and Far (including If) 1923 ; The Compromise of the King of the Golden Isles 1923 Play; The Flight of the Queen 1923 Play ; Cheezo 1923 Play; A Good Bargain 1923 Play; If Shakespeare Lived Today 1923 Play; Fame and the Poet 1923 Play; The Gods of the Mountain 1923 Play; The Golden Doom 1923 Play; King Argimenes and the Unknown Warrior 1923 Play; The Glittering Gate 1923 Play; The Lost Silk Hat 1923 Play; The King of Elfland's Daughter 1924 ; Alexander and Three Small Plays 1925 ; Alexander 1925 Play; The Old King's Tale 1925 Play; The Evil Kettle 1925 Play; The Amusements of Khan Karuda 1925 Play; Why the Milkman Shudders When He Perceives the Dawn 1925; The Charwoman's Shadow 1926 ; The Blessing of Pan 1927  ; Seven Modern Comedies 1928 plays; Atalanta in Wimbledon 1928 Play ; The Raffle 1928 Play; The Journey of the Soul 1928 Play; In Holy Russia 1928 Play; His Sainted Grandmother 1928 Play; The Hopeless Passion of Mr. Bunyon 1928 Play; The Jest of Hahalaba 1928 Play; Fifty Poems 1929 The Old Folk of the Centuries 1930 Play; The Travel Tales of Mr. Joseph Jorkens 1931 short stories (1st Jorkens collection); A City of Wonder 1932 Lord Adrian 1933 Play; The Curse of the Wise Woman 1933 ; If I Were Dictator 1934  ; Building a Sentence 1934 Essay ; Jorkens Remembers Africa (vt: Mr. Jorkens Remembers Africa) 1934 short stories (2nd Jorkens collection); Mr. Faithful 1935 Play; Up In The Hills 1935 Rory and Bran 1936 ; My Talks With Dean Spanley 1936  ; My Ireland 1937; Plays for Earth and Air 1937 plays; Patches of Sunlight 1938 Autobiography; Mirage Water 1938 poems; The Story of Mona Sheehy 1939 ;Jorkens Has a Large Whiskey 1940 short stories (3rd Jorkens collection); ; War Poems 1941; Wandering Songs 1943 poems; The Journey 1944 poem; Guerilla 1944; While the Sirens Slept 1944 Autobiography; The Donnellan Lectures 1943 1945 Lectures; The Sirens Wake 1945 Autobiography; The Year 1946 Poetic cycle; A Glimpse from a Watch Tower 1946 ; The Watch-tower ; Essays; The Odes of Horace 1947, Translation; The Fourth Book of Jorkens 1947 short stories; (4th Jorkens collection); To Awaken Pegasus 1949 poems ; The Man Who Ate the Phoenix 1949 short stories; The Strange Journeys of Colonel Polders 1950 ; Carcassonne 1950; The Last Revolution 1951; His Fellow Men 1952; The Little Tales of Smethers and other stories 1952 ; Jorkens Borrows Another Whiskey 1954 ; In Zaccarath; Charon ; How Ali Came to the Black Country; The Bad Old Woman in Black; The Bureau d'Echange de Maux; The Exiles Club; The Ghosts; The Highwaymen; The Hoard of the Gibbelins;

Resources: http://www.dunsany.net/18th.htm; read his best here ; http://www.sacred-texts.com/neu/dun/index.htm; or here http://www.gutenberg.org/browse/authors/d#a2685; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lord_Dunsany; or enjoy listening here - http://librivox.org/author/17 ;