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Teachers: [[Starhawk]];
Teachers: [[Starhawk]];  Simone de Beauvoir; Betty Friedan; Ursula K. Le Guin ; Rita Mae Brown; Shalamith Firestone;
Students: [[BoneBlossom]]; [[Laura Wildman Hanlon]]
Students: [[BoneBlossom]]; [[Laura Wildman Hanlon]]

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M. Macha NightMare AKA Aline O'Brien

America  ? - present

Teachers: Starhawk; Simone de Beauvoir; Betty Friedan; Ursula K. Le Guin ; Rita Mae Brown; Shalamith Firestone;

Students: BoneBlossom; Laura Wildman Hanlon

Friends: Judy Harrow; Oberon Otter Zell-Ravenheart; Margot Adler;

Organizations: Covenant of the Goddess; Pagans on the Biodiversity Project Spirituality Working Group; American Academy of Religion (AAR); Nature Religions Scholars Network; Marin Interfaith Council; United Religions Initiative (URI); Interfaith Center of the Presidio (ICP); Advisory Councils of the Sacred Dying Foundation; PEARL (Pagan Elders Assistance and Resource League); Board of Directors of Cherry Hill Seminary;

Author:"WomanBlood: Portraits of Women in Poetry and Prose" edited, 1981; The Pagan Book of Living and Dying: Practical Rituals, Prayers, Blessings, and Meditations on Crossing Over (with Starhawk), 1997; contributed to "Encyclopedia of Wicca & Witchcraft" edited by Raven Grimassi ; Witchcraft and the Web: Weaving Pagan Traditions Online, 2001; Pagan Pride: Honoring the Craft and Culture of Earth and Goddess, 2004; contributed to "Celebrating the Pagan Soul: Our Own Stories of Inspiration and Community" edited by Laura Wildman Hanlon; contributed to "Green Egg Omelette: An Anthology of Art and Articles from the Legendary Pagan Journal" edited by Oberon Otter Zell-Ravenheart

Comments: Wicca; Neopaganism;among the founders of Reclaiming Tradition ,and Faery/Feri Tradition Witchcraft, withdrew from Reclaiming in 2012

Resources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M._Macha_Nightmare; http://www.twpt.com/nightmare.htm