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Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers AKA S.R.M.D. which stands for S' Rioghail Mo Dhrem, meaning "Royal is my race." AKA D.D.C.F. which stands for Deo Duce Comite Ferro, meaning "God as my guide, my companion a sword."

England 1854 – 1918

Comments: Freemason ; Rosicrucian; Enochain; Tarot; Ceremonial Magick; Qabalist; one of the founders and the main influence on the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn ;

Teachers: the likely mythical Lux Saeclorium, Lux Benigna & Lux in Coelis of the Secret Chiefs of the RR et AC; alchemist Frederick Holland; William Robert Woodman; William Wynn Westcott; Dr. Anna Kingsford; Edward Maitland;P. B. Randolph; Eliphas Levi; Papus; "Anna Sprengel" AKA Soror S.D.A; Kenneth R. H. Mackenzie; Count Apponyi; Frederick Hockley; Christan Knorr von Rosenroth; Johann Friedrich Falk; Sigmund Richter; Hans Heinrich von Ecker und von Eckihoffem; Sigismond Bacstrom; Ephraim Joseph Hirschfeld ; Thomas von Schoenfeld AKA Moses Dobrucshka; Joséphin Péladan; John Dee; Edward Kelly; Antoine Count de Gébelin; Comte de Mellet; Etteilla; Karl Eckartshausen; Max Theon; Valentin Weigel; Abraham Von Worms, author of Abramelin; Rev. Dr. Isidor Kalisch, 1st translator of Sepher Yitzirah: Doctor John Pistor; Adolphe Franck; Prof. Charles F. Horne; Knut Stenring; Rabbin Abognazar (perhaps Aben Ezra aka Rabbi Abraham Aben Ezra who translated the The Veritable Clavicles of Solomon); a master our Scotsman living in France with the motto “Light from the North” ; Rabbi Abraham Eleazar, author of R. Abrahami Eleazaris Uraltes chymisches Werk Nachmals von einem Anonymo in unsere deutsche Muttersprache übersetzet & The Book of Abramelin; Baruch Samuel aka Baruch ben Samuel of Mainz (?), author of Donum Dei Samuelis Baruch ... gefunden von Abrahamo Eleazare aka Abramelin; Jean de Pauly,1860-1903, translator of the Zohar into French; John Yarker of the Royal Oriental Order of Sikha; Isabel Cooper-Oakley, likely source of the Fratres Lucis material in the Golden Dawn; Frater L E. T. aka Lux E. Tenebris aka Dr. Thiessen of Liege; Lord Blaise de Vigenere, author of Traité de l'or et de la verre (Abhandlung vom Golde und Glase)

Students: Paul Foster Case; Allan Bennett ; George Cecil Jones; Aleister Crowley; Moina Mathers (née Mina Bergson); Annie Horniman; Dr. Francis Israel Regardie; Cris Monnastre; Christopher S. Hyatt; Marquis Nicholas Tereschenko; Ithell Colquhoun, author of his biography; Pamela Colman Smith; Dion Fortune; Theodore Moriarty ; A.E. Waite; Florence Farr; J.W. Brodie-Innes; Edmund Berridge, or Edward Berridge; Henry B. Pullen Burry; Dr. Robert Felkin; W.B. Yeats; Rev. William Alexander Ayton; Rev. A.F.A. Woodford; Arthur Machen; Algernon Blackwood; Bram Stoker; Sax Rohmer; Frederick Leigh Gardner; Elaine Simpson; Tamara Bourkoun; Pat Zalewski; David Griffin; Dr. Robert Word; Robert Zink; Charles Chic Cicero and Tabatha Cicero; Kirk White; Jean Pascal Ruggiu; Desmond Bourke; Ellic Howe; R.A. Gilbert; R.G.Torrens; Daniel Wagner; Nicolas Tereshenko; Andrew D. Chumbley; Caroll Poke Runyon; Freemason Estienne Morin; Elsa Barker, author of Letters from a Living Dead Man, 1914, & Mather's American representative; Jack Slater; Gerald Suster; Georges Chevalier aka William Bloom, author of The Sacred Magician. A Ceremonial Diary;

Friends: philosopher Henri Bergson, his Brother-in-Law; Henri Antoine Jules-Bois;

Enemies:Violet Firth AKA Dion Fortune;Swami Laura Horosand husband Theodore Horos;

Organizations: Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn; Freemasonry; Alpha et Omega;

Author: translations of The Book of Abramelin aka The Jew Abraham of Worms's Book of the True Praxis in the Ancient Divine Magic and Astounding Things, as they have been transmitted through the Holy Kabbalah and Elohim (@ 1350, manuscript from Cologne, 1725); translated Christan Knorr von Rosenroth's translation of Franciscus Mercurius van Helmont's The Kabbalah Unveiled (1684) in 1887; Key of Solomon (anonymous 14thC.); The Lesser Key of Solomon (anonymous 17thC.); the Grimoire of Armadel (17thC.); lectures on consolidation of the Enochian magical system of John Dee and Edward Kelley. The Tarot: A Short Treatise on Reading Cards (French); Egyptian Symbolism (Published in Paris); The Tarot, Its Occult Significance and Methods of Play (1888) (French?); Astral Projection Ritual Magic and Alchemy -(Credit for) Original Writings of the Golden Dawn Volume #1 edited by Francis King ;translated the Golden Dawn Cipher Manuscript, originally given by Woodman to Westcott to Crowley, in Mackenzie's handwriting, perhaps obtained in Poland from Count Apponyi, but from Kenneth R. H. Mackenzie's handwritting and his widow, "Cryptonyma" ;

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