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Mani aka Menes aka Manichaeus

Iran @ 216 – 274

Commentary: Gnostic reformer of previous Christian Gnostic beliefs, with an emphasis on co-equal Dark and Light Creators rather than Evil being a distance or misunderstanding or Falling from the Good; Adapted easily to existing religious thought from Europe to India and China; Importance of the Astral Twin aka Etheric Body as your own personal Holy Guardian Angel, with who you must Unite to advance toward Light; the "Religion of Light" ; The 3 “sides” of Jesus – The Spirit, the Messiah, the Sufferer; The King of Honor aka En Sof or Kether; Vegan diet, extreme “ahimsa”, non-violence to living beings of all types, including plants; Digestion by the Elect frees the spark of LIGHT trapped in the veggies and allows it to go free. The Priests are like Monks, but the Faithful live regular lives and titthe 10 % to support the Elect; Predestination as to if you will be Saved, but you do control and are responsible for your actions here on Earth; very concerned with Good and Evil, redemption more than Creation ;

Not to be confused with Mandaeism aka the Sabaeans, which is easy to do;

Teachers: Zoroaster; Moses; Jesus; Yahya ibn Zakariyya aka John the Baptist ; Buddha; Valentinus; Elchasai of the Elcesaites; Bardaisan, 154–222 CE;

Students: the Yezidis; St Augustine of Hippo; Ibn al-Nadim; al-Biruni; perhaps the Cathers; Hippolytus ; Epiphanius of Salamis ; Agapius; Socrates of Constantinople; Albert Henrichs ;Ludwig Koenen; W.B. Henning , 1943; Józef , 1976; Theodore bar Konai, author of the "Book of Scholia" aka "Ketba de-Skolion”; Boku Tekin, 759–780 CE; Jean-Paul Sartre; Ethel Stefana Drower , 1879 – 1972, author of A Mandaean Book of Black Magic;

Friends : King Shapur I, patron;

Enemies: Origen, though a mystic himself; Bishop Archelaus; King Bahram II; Emperor Diocletian; Emperor Theodosius the Great; Emperor Xuanzong of Tang China; Emperor Wuzong of Tang; Caliph Abdullah al-Mahdi Billah ; Caliph Al-Muqtadir; Eusebius; Saint Irenaeus WOULD have disapproved, had he not been martyred;

Organizations: founded the Manichaean Church

Author: inspired Codex Manichaicus Coloniensis, containing "On the origin of his body"; wrote/ inspired Psalms of Thomas; Book of Enoch ; Second Book of Enoch; the "Book of Giants"; Gospel of Mani aka the Evangelion; The Treasure of Life; Secrets; Treatise; Fundamental Epistles; the Manichaean Psalter (hymn book); The Shabuhragan; Worthy aka Aržang aka The Ardahang; Kephalaia aka "Discourses"; Living Gospel;

Resources - ; Gnosticism: From Nag Hammadi to the Gospel of Judas lecture series by Professor David Brakke, The Teaching Co/ Great Courses, 2015; ; read some here - ;