Margot Adler

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Margot Adler AKA Margot Susanna Adler

America 1946 - July 28, 2014 Rest in Peace, Songbird

Comments: Witch and Community Organizer ; wonderful human being who has served the Community through her events, Workshops, broadcasts on Public Radio NPR and her book DDTM; Wicca; Neopaganism; be well, Margot, you are greatly loved;

Teachers: Aleister Crowley; Gerald Gardner; James Wasserman; Herman Slater; Ed Buczynski AKA (Lord Gywddion); Victor Anderson, founder of the Feri Tradition; Zsuzsanna Budapest, feminist separatist, Dianic Wicca; Judy Harrow; Simone de Beauvoir; Betty Friedan; Ursula K. Le Guin ; Rita Mae Brown; Shalamith (Shuli) Firestone; Fran Luck of WBAI; Kathie Sarachild; Kate Millett; Aileen Hernandez; Letty Cottin Pogrebin; Ann Snitow; Robin Morgan; Marilyn Webb; Ellen Willis; Anne Koedt; Jo Freeman; Kathie Sarachild; Anne Forer; Carol Giardina; Anselma Dell'Olio; Ti-Grace Atkinson; Susan Brownmiller; Meredith Tax; Elaine Showalter; Phyllis Chesler; Ellen Frankfort; Elizabeth Fisher;

Students; Catherine LaF**** AKA Flameweaver ; Pam C*** AKA the Pamazon; Eclipse; BoneBlossom; M. Macha NightMare; Chuck Furnace; Maggie Shayne; Murry Hope; Lisa B*** ;

Friends: John Gliedman, husband (Rest in Peace, John, 2011); Starhawk; Selena Fox;

Organizations: initiated as Gardnarian Witch; Spiral Dance Witch and British Witch, a sociologist and Teacher of the modern Wicca movement; Grand daughter of famous Psychologist Alfred Adler; Mistress of Chants;

Author: Drawing Down the Moon; Heretic's Heart: A Journey Through Spirit and Revolution ; working on a Vampire novel;

Resources:; Our Way to the Stars by Margot Adler & John Gliedman;;; ; ;