Marie Corelli

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Marie Corelli

England 1855 - 1924

Comments: Author ; illegitimate daughter of Dr. Charles Mackey; Suffragette; knew ALL the esoteric Freemasons of the time, all the intellectuals;

Teachers: P. B. Randolph; Ida Craddock ; H. Rider Haggard; William Shakespeare;

Students: Dorothy Agnes, author/ medium of The Voice of Marie Corelli: Fragments from "The Immortal Garden" through the Pen of Dorothy Agnes, 1933; William Wilberforce Juvenal Colville;

Friends: Mark Twain AKA Samuel Clemens; Winston Churchill; Randolph Churchill; members of the British Royal Family; Helen Donald-Smith; Barbara Comyns Carr; Bertha Vyver; artist Arthur Severn; Sir Henry Irving; Ellen Terry; Sarah Bernhardt; George Meredith; Frank Harris; Alfred Noyes,Algernon CharlesSwinburne; Theodore Watts; A. C. Benson; Hugh Benson; Reverend William Stuart Scott ; Rebecca West ; Leonard Woolf; Henry Miller ; George Bentley;

Enemies: Grant Allen; James Agate; Hall Caine ; George Bullock;


Author: A Romance of Two Worlds (1886) (a Heavenly Bridegroom novel); The Soul of Lilith (1892); The Sorrows of Satan (1895); The Secret Power (1921); The Modern Marriage Market (1898); The Devil's Motor; Angel's Wickedness, A True Story; Ardath, The Story Of A Dead Self; Cameos; Free Opinions, Freely Expressed On Certain Phases Of Modern Social Life and Conduct; Jane, A Social Incident; Life Everlasting, A Reality Of Romance; Love And The Philosopher, A Study In Sentiment; Love Of Long Ago And Other Stories; The Mighty Atom; Thelma - A novel, 1887 ; poem "To a Vision"; Barabbas, unpublished; The Master-Christian ; Vendetta!; Wormwood; Ziska, novella ; The Young Diana; "The Lady with the Carnations"; A Christmas Greeting; "The Ghost in the Sedan-Chair"; The Strange Visitation of Josiah McNason, 1904; "The DespisedAngel"; The Sculpture's Angel; The Silver Domino; Cameos; The Murder of Delicia; Boy; Jane; The Passing of the Great Queen(on Queen Victoria); Temporal Power; The Avon Star (on her & Shakespeare's home town Stratford-upon-Avon); The Plain Truth of the Stratford-on-Avon Controversy; Gods Good Man; The Strange Visitation; Treasures of Heaven; Holy Orders; Innocent; Eyes of the Sea; Open Confessions to a Man from a Woman (tho she was a Lesbian); My Wonderful Wife; A Study in Smoke; An Open letter to His Eminence Cardinal Vaughan; Patriotism or Self-Advertisement?; The Vanishing Gift; Signs of the Times; Woman or - Suffragette? A Question of National Choice; Is All Well with England? A Question; Praise and Prayer: A simple Home Service; The Marie Corelli Calendar, 1913;

Resources:;;,%20Marie ; and listen to her here - ;; ;